Live a gorgeously healthy life... 

follow your Goddess with-in

The five portals are life categories that carry specific energy that we need to pay attention to and understand in order to live a life in harmony.

Which Portal is calling you?

Are you ready to make health and happiness a priority?

Gorgeously Healthy initiates women into five life portals that lead to empowered transformation and luminous health.

Because empowered women change the world!

The Goddess represents beauty, life cycles and source energy.

The use of an Oracle deck is one way to tap in to your intuition and receive new or unknown information.

Gemstones hold specific energies that can heal and assist us in removing blocks or amplifying qualities we need access to.

Combined with Chakras, this gives us a point of reference to work with mentally, physically and emotionally as well as energetically.

Portal blends are essential oil aromatherapy oils that help facilitate healing energy in specific portals or chakras.

Beauty Kasbah

A carefully curated boutique for Goddesses

Avalon Mist

Enjoy using this energetically charged mist to clear and purify personal, work, and healing space.

Goddess Kit

Includes Goddess Power Oracle Decks, chakra gemstones and portal and chakra cards.

Balance Pure Essential Oil Synergy

Pure essential oils to soothe and calm.  

Motivate Blend Roll-On

Pure essntial oils in a jojoba base

Right now, self-care has never been more important. As women we tend to put everyone else’s needs before our own, and then we get depleted, exhausted, cranky, or worse.”

Which Portal is calling you?

Find out which portal needs your attention and get suggestions to get started.

Discover a GODDESS WAY for Gorgeous Health.

Are you ready to make your health and happiness a priority?

You deserve to feel like a Goddess!

Explore the 5 UNIQUE PORTALS of the rainbow path that guide you to amazing energy, more self-confidence, pleasure, and joy. Learn to create self-care habits that help you feel good about your body!

Gay Dering

Real beauty comes from an irrepressible inner glow radiating health and vitality. Helping women shine is my passion. I want every woman to love being gorgeously healthy.

Gay is a Certified Integrative Nutrition coach and licensed Cosmetologist with 30 plus years experience

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