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Beauty Kasbah

A carefully curated boutique for Goddesses

Avalon Mist

Enjoy using this energetically charged mist to clear and purify personal, work, and healing space.

Goddess Kit

Includes Goddess Power Oracle Decks, chakra gemstones and portal and chakra cards.

Balance Pure Essential Oil Synergy

Pure essential oils to soothe and calm.  

Motivate Blend Roll-On

Pure essntial oils in a jojoba base

I joined Gay on a 14 day cleanse in the Spring. I usually resist these kinds of activities, but her care, compassion and expertise motivated me to do this for myself.  It turned out to be much easier than I had imagined, especially with all the incredible support she gave before, during and after the cleanse. I so appreciate that it helped me to break some old habits that were not serving me, and got me in touch again with the yummy flavors and having more energy from eating a more plant based diet.  

Karen Haas - Art of Presence

Gay’s warm, caring spirit is a gift she shares brilliantly. New to the cleansing process, I was a bit overwhelmed. Gay provided support and shared her knowledge to make it a fulfilling experience.

Micki - Blogger

Gay’s cleanse process is awesome! She is an excellent guide who has many supportive ideas up her sleeve. Having done cleanses for many years, I was pleasantly surprised to learn so many new things! I loved her recipes, suggestions, and relaxed attitude. There was no judgement! Doing this with a small group of women was also to my liking. Whether you are thinking about doing a cleanse for the first time or looking for a new spin, Gay is your gal!

Cynthia Riggs - Biz Diva

Right now, self-care has never been more important. As women we tend to put everyone else’s needs before our own, and then we get depleted, exhausted, cranky, or worse.”

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Explore the 5 UNIQUE PORTALS of the rainbow path that guide you to amazing energy, more self-confidence, pleasure, and joy. Learn to create self-care habits that help you feel good about your body!

Gay Dering

Real beauty comes from an irrepressible inner glow radiating health and vitality. Helping women shine is my passion. I want every woman to love being gorgeously healthy.

Gay is a Certified Integrative Nutrition coach and licensed Cosmetologist with 30 plus years experience

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