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The Goddess Inspired Life Oracle Deck

49 cards based on the unique Goddess Portal System 

Discover this new way to engage with portal symbols and their wisdom.

This brilliant resource helps you dive deep into master keys that will help motivate and inspire you to live your Gorgeously Healthy life. 

Maybe you can relate to some of this…

  • You’re so tired of feeling overwhelmed, anxious and being stretched in too many directions.
  • You genuinely mean to take better care of yourself but something or someone always seems to hijack your time.
  • You’ve already exhausted all the diet hacks out there and realize that diets don’t work and besides you dislike everything about diet culture and the relentless body shaming that goes with it.
  • You are beginning to worry about your future health because you’ve noticed signs that indicate you probably need to make some changes, but you are so busy or stressed that you haven’t really done anything about it yet.
  • You know there is a sabotage gremlin at work in your psyche because everytime you take steps toward what you want, you talk yourself out of it, procrastinate or somehow set yourself up to fail.
  • You miss feeling more creative and playful and are ready to release stuff on your to-do list, but you just aren’t managing to find the time to accomplish any of the things YOU want to do.
  • Imagine what it would be like to get help and make it easier for you to make important changes that improve your health and also give you more peace, pleasure, time and ENERGY?

Take this baby step and get on a free call with Gay  

Gay is a very intuitive and inspiring coach who is easy to work with and I received many benefits from working with her. 

I was introduced to meditation before but only became committed after working with Gay and it is one of the best things that has happened to me! 

She also introduced me to working with Goddess Oracle cards that have given me valuable insights and reliable guidance. Life is so much easier for me now. Whatever you’re struggling with, Gay can help you find your way.

Ginny - Property Manager

Gay’s warm, caring spirit is a gift she shares brilliantly. New to the cleansing process, I was a bit overwhelmed. Gay provided support and shared her knowledge to make it a fulfilling experience.

Micki - Blogger

As a life long dieter suffering from a long streak of physical challenges and zero inspiration, I had given up. I had done everything- vegan, keto, Furhman, Jenny, Geiger, personal trainer, and yet I had know idea what to do or what to eat. I was in pain and had one piece of clothing I could fit into. To say I was depressed is an understatement.

The support, knowledge and gentle non-judgmental advice that Gay gave me were all so helpful. I am glad I said yes to working with her.

You know how when you are stuck, you don’t remember anything you know? Gay is the person who reminds you that you do know what to do…she inspires you to do it!

PJ Tyler- Astrologer

Right now, self-care has never been more important. As women we tend to put everyone else’s needs before our own, and then we get depleted, exhausted, cranky, or worse.”

discover a goddess way for gorgeous health

This is the moment to make your life, health and happiness a priority?

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Learn to create self-care habits that help you feel good about your body!

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Gay Dering

Gay is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach, a Holistic Life Coach, and Licensed Cosmetologist with over 30 years of experience.

Gay’s Gorgeously Healthy Goddess 7 portal wheel incorporates the use of chakras, gemstones, aromatherapy, and oracle cards. In addition to life, beauty, and nutritional coaching, she is an advocate for routine detoxification and deep cleansing practices. 

A graduate of Colette Baron-Reid’s Oracle School, Gay teaches the daily use of divination tools and other intuitive practices that she blends into her coaching.

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