A Goddess Life Isn’t Based on Logic or Strategy

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June 17, 2024

I recently have been reflecting on how my coaching style is different from most and why it circumvents some of the hidden beliefs and underlying drivers that get in the way of having what we want.

Logic and strategy are useful, but these are a more masculine way of problem-solving.

We can devise all the to-do lists and steps we need to achieve our goals, and sometimes this will get us there, at least part way. But until we know what it is that’s driving our spirit from the heart and soul space, our dreams never seem to be satisfying or properly launch.

If we plan only from the head and don’t integrate our hearts’ understanding, life is going to remain in continual search mode. This is often why health or relationship issues continue to manifest problems for us.

The Gorgeously Healthy approach, or Goddess way, is different from traditional coaching.

Both types of coaching address underlying or hidden belief systems, but one way is based primarily on logic, planning and the use of strategy.

The Goddess feminine approach works with all the elements, intuition, symbols, crystals, lunar cycles, oracles, and earth and plant energies that assist us in getting to the core. 

Trusting in our intrinsic inner knowing and honoring who we are, and what it is we are here to do, will give us that alignment that allows us to truly thrive and grow.

It isn’t that logic and strategy are not a part of it. It’s just not the first or most important part.

In my past “salon life,” I realized how valuable beauty was, not from a physical point of view, but in how it changed a person’s perspective of who they believed they were.

Permitting yourself to “be” beautiful is really a thing. 

But this isn’t something anyone else can actually give you. You must give it to yourself energetically for it to have any lasting effect. That said, seeing yourself differently physically can be a catalyst to changing other areas in your life.

This is one of the many reasons why self-care practices are so important, not just in the beauty realm but through the body as a whole.

Coming up in a few days we will be having a Summer Solstice. I invite you to take inventory of what’s been manifested thus far for you up to this midyear point. 

What feels great? Find a way to honor whatever that is for you.

Also, take note of what is still missing. Perhaps you’re feeling like a big change is coming or needed but don’t yet know what it is. Check in with yourself physically, financially and emotionally.

If you could wave a magic wand, what would you ask for?

Sometimes we can fall into a pattern of living with our blind spots and fixed perspectives. What are you telling yourself about yourself? Are you taking life a bit too seriously? 

Remember to play as much as you work. And, yes, do sprinkle in some beauty stuff too!

Sending you a whoosh of Goddess light and energy.

Happy Solstice!


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