A Season of Transformation, where truth is beyond time

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September 18, 2023

In just a few days we will be celebrating a significant change in season. 

The sun’s energy is pulling inward

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, the Autumnal Equinox, also known as Mabon, marks the time when day and night are equal in length, before the light begins its descent toward winter.

As the story goes, Mabon, son of Modron, was kidnapped after three nights and taken into the magical underworld (Great Mother’s womb). Similar to other mythological stories, such as Goddesses Innana and Persephone, this time period represents an archetypal world of transformation. 

The sun’s energy is being drawn back into the Earth, just as the energy in plants is being drawn back into their roots to be stored. BTW, this is our cue to stop eating so many raw foods and start incorporating more root vegetables into our diets.

Honor this seasonal change

During the Equinox moment of balance and change, this Indian Summer phase has many of us thinking it’s time for a feast. Give thanks to the Goddess and her bounty and share the joy of the harvest. Bring out the squashes, corn, beans and apples — or whatever comprises a feast celebration for you. In Wiccan culture, this is Thanksgiving! 

Since the moon will be in Capricorn, an Earth sign, check your herb closet, and if you have a garden, remember to harvest those last gifts of nature. It’s a great time to dry herbs and also fruits.

Face your altar west and decorate it with all the colors of the season — golds, oranges, reds and yellows, along with greens and browns. Bring the Earth colors in with mums and sunflowers and other symbols such as acorns, oak leaves, rocks, candles and chalices of water and salt. Grandmother Ocean, another symbol for this season, can be represented by sea shells, ocean sand or seaweed.

As Mabon’s light gets drawn deep into the Earth, appreciate the multi-dimensional, co-existent nature of elements and cycles. This is where the presence of truth overlaps and is outside of time. This is the mystery of the last doorway, and it signals a time for letting go.

It’s okay to let go

Change is not without its challenges, so allow the wisdom from the ages to provide you with inspiration. This is a return to the feminine, Yin energy, as the Yang influence of spring and summer now wanes.

In Chinese medicine, this season is associated with the lungs and grief, so letting go of sadness and loss must be supported now with foods, herbs, teas and breathing practices.

Go visit the ocean (if you can) to take in the negative ions while collecting shells along the seashore. If you are near a forest, this can also provide a lovely healing environment.

One of my favorite questions to pose to yourself during this season comes from Angeles Arrien in her book The Four-fold Way: “Is your self-esteem as strong as your self-critic?”

In other words, stop beating yourself up Goddess. Instead, think about what will bring balance back into your life.

Get ready for fall,


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