I never thought about how relative one’s toxic burden was until my hepatitis C crisis occurred.

I had always enjoyed mostly good health and was very mindful of what was considered a healthy lifestyle. Or so I believed.

My compromised liver soon became my greatest teacher and transformation task master. 

It led me to accumulate specific knowledge and appreciation for just how important the liver is, especially in today’s incredibly toxic world.

In my case, having been a successful beauty professional enjoying high achievement and recognition most of my life, it was a wakeup call to learn how unhealthy the salon environment really was, and still is. That, of course, had to change.

With my healing liver put in charge, I was thrust into a new way of living that thankfully not only improved my health but also led me to become a coach for others. My experience allowed me to share with others my firsthand understanding of why detoxification is vitally important and how the choices you make around the food you eat, the beauty products you use, and the environment in which you live are a necessary survival lesson for the future.

That said, making healthful choices doesn’t have to be a scary or grim way to live. In fact, it is my intention to make learning what you need to know about health and beauty easier and way more fun than you ever imagined. I can help you make positive lifestyle changes and improve your daily habits so that healthy living becomes a natural way of life and you feel healthy and full of the energy and vitality you want.

If you love the idea of gorgeous health and a Goddess lifestyle — one that ignites your purpose and inspires everyone around you — I have created a unique way to help you make just the right changes you need, just one Goddess step at a time, so you can enjoy a long and beautiful life!

Gay is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach, a Holistic Life Coach, and Licensed Cosmetologist with over 30 years of experience.

Gay’s Gorgeously Healthy Goddess 5 portal wheel incorporates the use of chakras, gemstones, aromatherapy, and oracle cards. In addition to life, beauty, and nutritional coaching, she is an advocate for routine detoxification and deep cleansing practices. 

A graduate of Colette Baron-Reid’s Oracle School, Gay teaches the daily use of divination tools and other intuitive practices that she blends into her coaching.