Just Released!

The Goddess Inspired Life Oracle

So now if a god comes up to test your mettle,

you must not fight the immortal powers head-on,

all but one of the deathless gods, that is –

if Aphrodite daughter of Zeus slips into battle,

she’s the one to stab with your sharp bronze spear!


Goddess Aphrodite represents beauty, love and the art of pleasure. By regularly indulging  in creativity and expressing beauty she honors our feminine nature. Flowing is her birthright, and when we tap into our own natural flow with the divine, we become powerful creatrixes beyond worldly measure.

Aphrodite is not just love and light though. If you cross her, expect a tsunami to whap you right out of the water.

If you don’t already have a beauty routine, develop one now. Spend time in a garden, museum or other beautiful place. Listen to music and dance in the kitchen. Put on some sexy underwear or dab on natural perfume. Bring home fresh flowers and arrange in a beautiful vase.