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January 17, 2022

The way to feel into your vision for these current times requires letting go of an old system or thought process that may have once been effective for you but now wants to give way to something else. This isn’t comfortable at first, but it is essential for moving into your better future self. 

Your divine feminine power is calling for you to activate the inherent nature in yourself. Trust and intuit what’s next, instead of rationally, logically planning it all out. You know the saying: If you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll continue to get what you’ve already got.

To make sense of the senseless, we all have to dive into the underworld a little more and re-emerge with a new perspective that has formed, and informed, our understanding of what we actually do feel.

Being a female in a human body helps. 

Utilizing our senses and activating them all as they relate to our vision or current desires is how the inner Goddess knows how to shine her light so beautifully. Women really do need new role models, new mythology to carry us forward. A Goddess for our time, so to speak. Who is she? Perhaps she is a composite of several superpowers that are needed and ready to be embodied for you now.

It isn’t enough to set our sights on a target based on old perceived outcomes. Our intellect, although useful and necessary, can’t navigate this territory without stepping into the realm of our heart’s innate intelligence first.

Know thyself.

We need to start asking the hard questions. We need to drop away from the herd for a moment and perhaps go on a heroine’s journey. We don’t have to do it alone though.

Coaching is a necessary tool for change

“We don’t become ourselves by ourselves,” says Claire Zammit. I believe this is true. We can see in others what they very often cannot see for themselves. Our thoughts can easily become clouded and riddled with doubt and fear, and be entrenched in a fixed mindset that doesn’t allow us to truly become ourselves.

The start of a new year is such a potent time to initiate big changes. This has been proven in many studies. Beginnings, when symbolically held and acted upon, can be the motivating spark to create a great change, but then it is up to us to also create the strategies that will enable us to keep up the momentum. This is why coaching works so well. 

Having someone in your corner to encourage you along and hold you accountable so that when the gremlins (internal and external) come in — and they will — you will be able to stay the course and move toward that future self.

I have opened up a few spots for my six-month private coaching program so if you are feeling called to make some serious changes for yourself this year, this may be an excellent opportunity for you. Here is a link to schedule a chat to see if this is the right time and fit for you.

Cheers to seeing you in all your Gorgeously Healthy glory,


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