Celebrate All That You Already Have

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July 31, 2023

The first day of August (Lammas/Lughnasa) is one of the four cross-quarter days of the wheel of the year, or sabbats, as they are sometimes referred to. It’s the celebration of the first harvest and traditionally was a festival to share in all of Earth’s bountiful creation. This has always been a time for friends to gather, exchange their harvest and spread merriment.

Bread symbolizes the integration of this special harvest day — with its seed, grain and flour —  which is baked into a beautiful loaf of bread that can nourish all. Any baked goodies are welcome treats this time of year, and this is the perfect time for a potluck.

It’s said that the first harvest is always to give thanks to God (Goddess). Giving thanks and cultivating an attitude of gratitude is appropriate for all seasons, but particularly this one. 

I invite  you to embrace the notion that what we appreciate appreciates. Feeling grateful for what we already have and have been able to harvest so far from our previous efforts and good intentions is part of what amplifies abundance in all its many forms. 

Being in a state of gratitude is also an antidote to fear and other disquieting thoughts that seem to be plaguing society these days.

So what can you celebrate that you are now harvesting? 

Now is a good time to honor and acknowledge small wins that we often let go unnoticed.

This is a meditative time midway through the year to consider what has and hasn’t been accomplished, and to anticipate future goals and aspirations. What changes do you want or need to make to realize your future harvest?

You can call upon Earth Goddesses such as Gaia, Pachamama or Demeter to assist you now as you bury offerings into the Earth. We are creatures who come from the Earth and ultimately return to her as is represented by the cycles of life: gestation, birth, growth, decay and return through death/rebirth. We see this cycle repeated in all facets of living. 

Harvest is a sweet time and the peak time to enjoy the bounty of life before the growing cycle ends. Why not take advantage of this lively manifesting and building energy and use it to your advantage? 

Delight in the splendor that is expressing itself now! Wear something gorgeous and fun, splash around in the water, dance under the moonlight. Sing, hum or whistle a favorite tune, say a prayer, light a candle, and give thanks for the abundance that is already yours — right here, right now.

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