Celebrate Autumn — a season of change

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September 20, 2021

The fall season starts with the Autumnal Equinox, and it’s a season of changes. The leaves change color and the weather begins to turn cooler. There is a sense of quickening that occurs during this time.

An abundance of nuts, berries, grapes, corn, squashes, pumpkins, and apples mark the occasion. 

The fall relates to harvesting and gathering all the bounty from the year. It also ushers in potential for what is to come next. It is time to appreciate what we have harvested and also what we are ready to let go of so that we can replenish once again.

This equinox, I encourage you to allow, accept, and acknowledge the shadow aspects or darker side of yourself. Acknowledge the part of you that is rigid or needs to control, the judgmental and critical voice, or the one who has been giving in too much to fear.

As we enter a new season of “I don’t know,” go into silence and remember your ancestors that came before you. What harmful family patterns did you inherit? What have you already released? What are you ready to let go of? What new traditions might you invent or bring forward now?

Becoming more flexible and okay with the unknown requires trust and an open heart.

An Autumnal Equinox Ritual to Release and Replenish

As the days and nights are of equal length and the dark begins to overtake the light, gather a group of friends for a potluck feast.

After enjoying each other’s company and a good meal, assemble everyone in the living room or outside if the weather is nice and form a circle. Light a fire if it’s possible.

Open the circle with an invocation of some kind or a prayer. You may want to pass around a lit sage bundle for everyone to clear their energy, or you may want to drum around your circle. Once this is done and everyone feels complete, explain what you want everyone to do next.

While still in your group, spend a few minutes where each person can go inside herself in silence (you can set a timer). Think about your shadow self, the part of you that has been doubting, fearful, angry, or upset. Give her a name if you want. Ask her what she wants you to know. Taking turns around the circle, speak aloud what this part of you has been trying to teach you or it needs from you.

Declare the message or lesson you have received. Have everyone claim their lesson or gift by saying, “Thank you for this valuable information of _______ that I can now release. And so it is, ho!” And then it’s the next person’s turn.

When everyone has had their turn, say or read an inspirational verse or poem. As the host you can lead a group song, or choose someone who has this talent to do so. If you prefer, just play some music you have selected ahead of time to close the circle. Always end with hugs all around.

Happy Equinox Gorgeously Healthy Friends,


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