Compassion Is the Salve We Need Now

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February 14, 2022

Self-compassion is needed so very much now. The polarities and divisions we have all endured in society have really taken a toll. 

The healing salve we need more of is compassion and love —  for ourselves and others.

The Goddess Kuan Yin (also spelled Guan Yin) means “observing the sounds (or cries) of the world.” She is the pinnacle of mercy, compassion, and love.

Developing compassion is not in any way a form of weakness. Quite the contrary. All of the lore and legends of Kuan Yin describe a brave woman who is quick to sacrifice herself if it means helping or healing another. Mother Teresa is a close modern-day version of this level of loving energy, and we can certainly agree that she was a strong and powerful woman.

Gender is no obstacle toward enlightenment either. Kuan Yin (gender neutral) has been represented as both male and female depending on the time and culture. After the 12th century she was reinforced as female and often depicted as a beautiful white-robed woman with symbols of water and a lotus, representing purity, peace, and harmony. Kuan Yin is like the Buddhist counterpart to the Christian Mary, and she fulfills a similar role: healing distress, meeting us with tenderness, and strengthening us to face the tasks of life. We can go to this Goddess of mercy for feelings of relief from self-hatred or any other kind of despair or heartbreak. 

Love is a force that can transform anything, but to nurture the seeds of love we must always begin with ourselves.

When we notice what we can love about ourselves at this very moment, this creates an energy that is healing. It also helps us notice what we can love in another, even if we don’t always agree with what they say or do. Focusing on love is nothing new. It just isn’t easy to do or to remember. Having a symbol like Kuan Yin or Mary around can remind us.

Kuan Yin in Feng Shui

Look at a Feng Shui energy map or Bagua (the 8 areas that depict career, helpful people, knowledge/spirituality, health, creativity, fame, and partnership). This can help you locate and decide which area in your home you would like to bring more love and compassion to. 

Place a small statue or picture of Kuan Yin in the area that could use a little more kindness.

The Bagua can be utilized for a single room or the whole house, but choose one area that you wish to amplify. Perhaps you can create an altar or place a small bowl of water with a single flower or a fountain there.

As an example, how could you bring more compassion to wealth if you’ve over-spent or are fearful about money? What is your highest possible way to serve in your career or business?

Create an intention around this theme and be mindful as you strategically place your compassion symbol in the area that you want to focus on.

Gorgeously Healthy compassion and love to you!



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