Creative Ways to Nurture Your Self-Care

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February 2, 2021

Every leaf that grows will tell you: what you sow will bear fruit, so if you have any sense my friend, don’t plant anything but Love.


Stir your inner cauldron of creativity. Let the Goddess Brigid who represents this February day spark some of that creative energy and allow you to play in the artistry of your life.

“Brigid is the all-provider, the nurturer, enabling the spirit to survive in bodily form.”

 —Shirley Toulson, The Celtic Year

The name of this creative Goddess means exalted one. What in your life needs to be raised, inspired, or exalted?

Brigid embodies what needs healing and nurturing. And many of us have been keeping on for so long that we’ve forgotten how to truly nurture ourselves. What makes you feel loved, cared for, grateful? 

Personally, I find being in nature is always a soothing experience. A walk outdoors settles my mind and brings me into the moment. Singing to my cat is another of my favorite ways to soothe myself. I love when she snuggles up on my lap, purring as I gently sing. It always makes me feel calm and happy.

Maybe it’s time for some creative nurturing of your own. Love is in the air and you deserve to breathe in as much love as possible. 

So what can you do to nurture yourself in a creative way? Start by using your power of imagination and make room for unexpected joyful surprises.

I encourage you to indulge the senses. Experiment with music, color, scent, and texture — I love the feel of velvet, cashmere, even warm sudsy water. Sometimes just taking a few minutes to watch the sky change from pink to blue is all I need to feed my spirit. You may enjoy watching a movie, reading a novel, or planning your spring garden or post-pandemic vacation. Explore ways to help your creative juices flow and you’ll see your tensions relax.

If you never got around to collaging your new year vision for the year, do it now! Or maybe you’d like to create a vision board on the topic of self-nurturing. 

Make valentine cards or charms. Or stir up some self-care in the kitchen. Let your imagination go wild, and play with tastes, herbs, spices, and new foods. There are so many ways to be creative and enjoy nurturing yourself and others at the same time.

It will be spring before you know it, so now is the time to nurture all your precious seeds and ideas so that they can grow into their full expression. 

These seeds need gentle care until they can begin to sprout. Pour your heart and love on your seedlings — and yourself — and then watch as fresh ideas, creative gestures, and beauty flourish.

Speaking of spring, this March I will be leading another “Love Your Liver” cleanse. If this is something you have been thinking about doing, clear your schedule March 22 through April 4, 2021. Pre-cleanse support will happen the week before and post-cleanse the week after. For more information about the cleanse, go here.

Nurture your way to a Gorgeously Healthy life,


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