Crystal Grids Really Do Work!

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September 6, 2022

I have recently been playing with crystal grids and wanted to share this with you so you can play too!

A crystal grid is a strategic configuration of specific stones that you’ve chosen to use for a  purpose. Crystal grids combine the dynamic energy of geometric patterns with the use of crystals that are charged with your intention to help magnetize an objective, or something you want, and bring it toward you.

The choice of stones and crystals will vary depending on what the grid is for, but it also could just be made of crystals you happen to have on hand. 

Grids can be simple or complex. It is your intention that is key. 

You can create a grid for just about anything. Depending on the purpose of your grid (prosperity, self-love, healing, etc.), you will want to consider which geometric pattern (hexagram, square, figure eight, five-pointed star, spiral, etc.) will work best and make the most sense to you. 

Use up to three different types of crystals plus a center stone in your grid. It is not recommended to use more than that. The number of actual stones will depend on what geometric pattern you choose.

The center stone ideally should be the largest one and have some special significance for you. As a base for the grid, use a simple cloth, mandala template or other platform — any of these will work.

Like a flower is geometrically designed, your grid will be a divine configuration too.

First, decide what purpose (or job) your grid is for, and then choose the stones to support that. Next, choose the pattern or geometric placement. You can add other personal embellishments like herbs, coins, leaves, buds and such. In addition to the crystals or stones, you can also include a picture, statue or other symbol to stand next to your grid to symbolize the work your grid is manifesting (optional). It is a little like making an altar but with a very specific calling forth or purpose.

You will want to create an affirmation that states clearly what the grid is for. 

Take your time with this and choose your words carefully. You will be activating the grid using these words along with a crystal wand for this purpose.

Typical grid ingredients

  • Your intention for the grid
  • Cloth, geometric template, a mirror or something else to place your stones on
  • Center stone (feature)
  • Supporting stones (up to 3 kinds)
  • Quartz or selenite wand for activation
  • Affirmation

Here are two examples of what a grid could include.

Prosperity Grid

  • Green or gold handkerchief as a platform
  • 1 large citrine, or tigers eye, placed in the center
  • 6 1-inch pyrites placed around center stone
  • 6 aventurines around pyrite
  • 6 clear quartz crystal points around aventurine points or in between them facing out
  • Optional: coins, candles, statue of Goddess Fortuna or Wheel of Fortune Tarot card

Affirmation: I am ready to receive good fortune and prosperity in all its forms, including money. 

Suggestion: You may want to be more specific about how much cash you want. Write it all out on a small piece of paper and put it under the center stone.

Self-Healing/Love Grid

  • Pink or white handkerchief
  • 1 large rose quartz for center
  • 8 smaller rose quartz, or rhodochrosite
  • 8 moonstones, or clear quartz points
  • Optional: Quan Yin statue, hearts, rosebuds
  • Affirmation: I engage in the process of healing old wounds and have love and compassion for myself.

When you’re ready, take a moment to ground yourself, thank and bless your grid. Say your affirmation out loud and use the crystal wand to activate (point at) each stone in your grid. 

When you have finished, say “Thank you and so it is.” Imagine the result as already done.

Visit your grid everyday. Give it your attention and good energy, and repeat your affirmation or other ritual.

For more ideas and information about making grids and crystal properties, you may want to check out Crystal Grids by Hibiscus Moon and The Crystal Healer by Philip Permutt.

To your very own Gorgeous Grid!


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