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November 20, 2023

In November there is an energy of gratitude in the air. In the US, most of us celebrate Thanksgiving and as we get ready for family gatherings and good food, abundance is all around us. This really is a good time to express our appreciation and thanks, as well as honor all that life and the Earth has provided us.

That said, family gatherings can sometimes be challenging emotionally. We are still in the Scorpio season of water with deep feelings, so it may be the perfect opportunity to have healing conversations with some of the people in our lives.

In order to do this, we have to be grounded and clear about our desired outcomes and clean up any resentments we may be harboring.

Is it better to be right or be happy?

Most of us want the same things: to be accepted, loved, acknowledged and appreciated for who we are. Try to keep in mind that it is possible to have differences of opinion without making others feel less important.

Practicing good listening skills takes effort. Allow others to finish their thoughts before jumping in. Give your personal feedback without blaming or being judgmental.

Also make sure you clearly understand what the other is saying by reflecting back what you think you heard. We don’t always get it right.

Sometimes allowing others to vent and express their side of the story can make or break a healing conversation. Acknowledging any hurt you may have caused and then stating how much you appreciate and care about the other can open the floodgates to apologies both ways.

What are the patterns you need to break within your family lines to experience true healing and liberation?

While it’s true that we inherit many of the thought forms previous generations have created, we can cut ties with these if we choose to. I suggest doing so before trying to have a healing conversation so that you’re crystal clear about what is and what isn’t yours to carry.

Anchor in your healing intentions

Make an altar this season to represent the past, present and future. 

Select herbs aligned to energies you are releasing, creating and desire more of. Do the same with crystals and gemstones and any other symbols or pictures that feel fitting. 

Place on your altar a new black, green and white candle to represent the past, present and future respectively. As you light each candle say a prayer of release, healing and abundance. 

Write down words on small pieces of paper and burn them (you’ll need a small fireproof container) as you take your turn with each candle. 

May this season fill your heart with gratitude. 

Thinking of you with deep appreciation, dear Goddess,


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