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May 17, 2021

A river doesn’t just carry water, it carries life.

Amit Kalantri

Natural springs of cold, clean water welling up from underground have long been a source of wonder and considered a precious gift from Mama Earth. Our ancestors believed that spring water carries deep knowledge and wisdom from another world to those who listen deeply.

On a physical level the spring symbolizes the body’s ability to heal itself. On a mental level it represents insight and inspiration, and spiritually we can tap into new desires and see things we wish to change. 

Recognize your conflicting emotions

Bodies of water are generally associated with our emotions and feelings. Rivers, like springs, hold special significance for people. Rivers have been essential for everyone throughout the centuries — for traveling, trading, doing laundry, fishing, and drinking. They have been used to establish boundaries for as long as humans have been territorial.

People build bridges to cross rivers. These are physical connections that allow you to step into new territory. And they also allow people to step from one realm to another. We build bridges to overcome obstacles so that we can walk safely through what could otherwise be dangerous waters.

Step beyond what is familiar

Perhaps we even get our feet wet during the process of crossing a river. Instead of watching from a distance, we get into — and through — emotional rivers. By crossing the bridge, we reconcile opposites and have the chance to form a union between two opposing forces or ideas, creating a third entity or solution. We experience a fusion of the attributes and power of both sides.

Before we ease into the summer months, consider what spring bridge you need to cross. Take a look at the different parts of your life: work/play; rest/activity; peace/irritation; relationship/differences. Are there opposing forces in your life that could benefit from witnessing them from a bridge? Where could you build a bridge to connect yourself with new answers to challenging experiences? What would bring more ease and flow into an area of your life that feels conflicted?

When we step into the river, we are in neutral waters of life; we are in shared middle ground. No one person can claim a river as their own. And often, in this mutual territory of human experience, we can find answers to our most perplexing problems.

Build bridges in your own way

A bridge can be a safe place from which to observe your current reality and see new possibilities. But not all bridges look the same. Experiment with different ways to form unions between opposing forces in yourself. 

You might try journaling or some kind of art or collage work. Your bridge could be listening to a guided visualization, meditating, taking a walk in nature, or literally standing on a bridge while contemplating your situation. Use your imagination to come up with your own unique metaphor or symbol for this. Take time to reflect and learn what you need to bridge any gaps.

May you live fully and love deeply during your Gorgeously Healthy transition into summer,


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