Flowers Are Blooming and the Garden Is Growing – What are your plans for growth? 

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June 3, 2024

June is usually a busy month, and the Summer Solstice will be here very soon. Celebrations such as Father’s Day, weddings, and school graduations often take place in June.

Amid all the festivities, be sure to remember to celebrate YOU! 

Where have you made progress this year? Acknowledge yourself for this!

The flowers in the garden are all growing now. Let their urge to flourish inspire you to think about how and what you might want to nurture in yourself for the rest of the year.

We are at the midway point in the year, so look at the notes and intentions that you created at the beginning of the year.

Do you want to make any new decisions? Have any of your dreams changed? It’s never too late to course-correct and begin again.

The energy of the season can give you a mighty push in the direction you choose to focus on now, so take full advantage of this growth-spurt energy and support.

Goddesses naturally flow with the vibration of each season, so now is the time to begin planning your next adventure.

Stretch yourself to do something that feels a little out of your comfort zone. Circle up with your close friends and share what’s up for you.

Get out in nature for a walking meditation. Ground your vision and listen closely to your inner voice. Notice what’s calling your attention. 

BTW, the current moon in Taurus (an Earth sign ruled by Venus) is grounding and can help us develop better self-care, as well as manifest money.

Indulge yourself, Goddess.

Try not to take life too seriously. Find your funny bone! Laughter is incredibly healing. Maybe go to a laughter yoga class or just do something outrageously silly.

Actively create some fun and beauty to enjoy with favorite friends and family.

Wishing you the many joys and blessings that are blossoming  inside you.


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