Element: Water

Power to create and manifest abundance; connection to joy and sensuality

Trust and courage to express yourself authentically. In tune with sexuality, pleasure, womb, power and flow


Let your Goddess lead you to a higher form of beauty, joy and pleasure!

It may be time to practice those Kegel exercises again or get a vibrator if you want one. Maybe you would like to read a fun and sexy novel. Practice speaking in your sexiest voice.

Get in your closet and try everything on and get rid of anything that doesn’t make you feel wonderful in it. Start putting together new outfits and include accessories. 

Try a new hair style or perhaps color in your hair.

Start a new creative hobby or resume an old one.

Listen to music while you cook or clean. 

Start wearing natural perfume.

Get a new bra or lingerie.

Join a women’s circle or connect with your favorite women friends.


I easily manifest abundance and wealth to meet all my needs.

I delight in having and being in my body.

I am a co-creative force and take pleasure in seeing my creations come to life.