Gardens and Grounding

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May 3, 2018

Gardens and Grounding

“Speak to the earth and it shall teach thee.”

-Job 12:8

The garden is my favorite sanctuary and I love this month because the flowers are in bloom.

It is finally safe to plant with out fear of frost. Whether you are a seasoned gardener or not it is really fun to plant at least some herbs and watch them grow. I love to pull fresh mint, parsley, sage or whatever out of the garden for cooking and smoothies. Lettuce and spinach is super easy to grow now and makes your salad even more delicious. Its too soon for tomatoes and basil but you can begin preparing the soil for these and other veggies if you have some sun and room.

Bee balm, chamomile and lemon verbena make wonderful teas and are all calming to our nervous systems if you want to give those a try for harvesting later on.

A favorite passion of mine is to cut fresh flowers and make floral arrangements so that I have life and color to bring indoors. This brightens up the spirit big time.

Another truly wonderful practice is to ground yourself by walking on grass, sand or the earth with bare feet. Literally feel the earth beneath your feet and take a few long deep breaths. We are surrounded by electro magnetic frequencies (EMF’s) because of technology and we desperately need this regular grounding to stay healthy. Try it!

The connection to Mother Earth is so important to our well being. If gardening is not your thing then maybe walking or hiking in the woods will do it for you. Or visiting a garden or park area is in order. How about a bike ride? Spending at least some time each day outdoors is a healthy practice you might want to consider. It really makes a difference.

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