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August 2, 2022

Feeling gratitude is something we all know we should do more often, especially now that we are smack dab in the middle of summer and harvest time. August 1 is one of the Cross-Quarter Days and the first harvest or Lammas Day celebrations.

In years past when people would gather to celebrate harvest time, they would share resources, advice, joy and hope for the future.

During these recent pandemic years, we seem to have all retracted into ourselves. This is not healthy! Personally, I have a pattern of not wanting to ask for help. Fearing vulnerability, I’ve held the belief that I’m on my own and have to do everything all by myself. Maybe you can relate to this.

But, the truth is that we do need one another. So maybe in the season of harvesting the bounty of life, it’s time to reach out to friends and family and share how grateful we are to have them in our lives. 

Practicing gratitude really is the antidote to most fears, doubts and delusions.

Baking bread is a traditional way to share prosperity and is associated with the Lammas holiday season. If you aren’t a baker, maybe you know someone who is. Or visit your favorite bakery, tell them how much you love their bread and buy enough (including gluten-free) to share with friends. Invite others to make something yummy to spread on the bread.

Never has it been more important to connect with others in gratitude. It is way too easy to fall into the habit of bitching and complaining, given our current world predicaments. It takes focus to imagine a better day. 

Today is the perfect time to begin to imagine, connect, laugh and play!

Along with gratitude, I encourage you to invite laughter into your life. Making others laugh is a big big help toward healing. So are tears, and sometimes they combine pretty well.

Find a really funny movie to watch with friends and see what happens. Laughter yoga anyone?  Playing games is something most of us used to do as kids, but maybe it’s time to drag out the charades or karaoke again. Potlucks, cooking together, sharing favorite memories — all of these are fun ways to connect with others.

I am grateful for you dear gorgeous Goddess. 

Put a slice in the toaster for me, and thank you to whoever grew those yummy tomatoes and basil!


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