Goddess Vision Experience

Get clear on your vision for 2020

Not just any Vision will do for you Goddess!


Jan 2nd: Live zoom kick off with Gay and others 1pm MST (zoom link)

Jan 3rd: Access to all the amazing interviews with PJ Tyler, Karen Haas, Michele Landers and Gay Dering along with other relevent information to use that will be made available to you

Jan 2nd-9th Facebook community is open for engagement (join here)

Jan 9th: Live Zoom Q & A and VISION COLLAGE PARTY (1PM MST) Zoom link

(Make your own 2022 Vision or Soul collage with the support of others!)

This event will take place virtually on Jan 2 and Jan 9. In between these dates you will have plenty of time to listen to the expert speakers on Astrology, Numerology, Collage plus get tips and ideas on how to go about crafting your vision for 2022. You will also have time to gather your supplies.

The last day we will get together on Zoom to do an actual vision or soul collage together. 

If you haven't already joined our Facebook group, now is time to do that  (here)

We are excited to see you at the 2022 Inner Goddess Vision experience. 

Mark your calendar and reserve the time for Jan 2 & 9th. 

12Pm Pacific, 1Pm Mountain, 3PM Eastern

If you have any questions please reach out to support@gaydering.com

Hosted by

Gay Dering

Gay Dering, Gorgeously Healthy Life coach. 

Gay is a certified integrative nutrition coach, a holistic life coach and licensed Cosmetologist with over 30 years of experience.

Gay’s unique style of coaching includes a Gorgeously Healthy Goddess 5 portal wheel along with the use of chakras, gemstones, aromatherapy, and oracle cards. In addition to life, beauty and nutritional coaching, Gay is an advocate for routine detoxification and health cleansing practices. Gay will be sharing ways to help you think creatively by using a fresh approach in crafting your vision so that you can laser in on what will magnetize what you want to bring in this year.

Struggling to find clarity? Spend 20 minutes with Gay

limited spots available!

Karen Haas

Karen Haas has a B.A. in Fine arts and a M.A in counseling psychology. As a 2 time cancer survivor and lifetime soul seeker, she has explored the powerful connection between creativity and healing. For over 30 years, Kaen has helped others traverse their personal pathway to deeper authenticity and wellness. She has been a SoulCollage(r) Facilitator since 2010 that combines her passion for creativity and self exploration. 

Karen will help us better understand how imagery can be used for our vision as she explains her proven techniques.

Get your [Free] SoulCollage Playbook

Or sign up now for Karen's Heart and Soul Workshop on February 13th [$40 Value]

Come play, go deep, get present, shed a few tears, laugh and heal.

PJ Tyler

PJ Tyler, professional Astrologer got stung by the astrology bee with her own first reading in 1970. She loved that this crazy chaotic world had actual order and could be learned and understood. Back in the day, 50 years ago, before computers, constructing a chart required mathematical challenge, diurnal planetary motion, local mean time, latitude, longitude and pen a quill! Many charts, classes and teachers under her belt for half a century has given her the right and title of a Master Astrologer that has honed this craft which is in her bones and become her native language. Find out what’s in store for us in 2022 so that you get insight into what you want to pay attention to this coming year.

Michele Landers

Michele Landers is a board certified Life purpose Coach, Hypnotherapist, Author and professional Numerologist. She is a dynamic and gifted lecturer and consultant on the subjects of numerology, personal empowerment, spiritual wisdom and the law of attraction.

Her books, The tao of numbers and The year of living Miraculously are both informative and entertaining. She has appeared on Fox/WFLX and NBC WPTV and is a much sought after radio and media personality and speaker who has taught hundreds of classes nationwide. Michele has a special gift in helping her clients gain clarity and direction in their lives and to discover their own unique talents. 

Michele will explain how and why your numbers can be used to help you decide where to focus your attention this coming year.

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