The Spiral signifies growth and change. It includes breath, physical exercise and detoxification. It is also what fuels our desires and passion.

Growth and Movement


Experiment with the best calendar system for you and commit to using it.

Set your phone timer to go off every two hours and do any kind of physical movement.

Pay attention to self talk. Establish some new affirmations “I can do this” “ do it now”

Know your why. Allow yourself time to examine why you think you want to do something. 

Clean out your purse, the junk drawer, your desk or closet.


Growth and Movement

I enjoy moving my body every day.

I ask myself why before I make important decisions.

I take long slow breaths through out my day.

I easily eliminate what I no longer need in my body and in my life.

My actions are in alignment with my purpose.


This is just one piece of the conversation

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