Happy New Year Goddess!

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January 1, 2024

We live in a very hustle-bustle, productivity-oriented culture. Sometimes those cultural values force us to move or act before we’re ready.

Instead, let’s first take a moment to examine the vision seeds we might want to plant this year. Let’s really look more closely. This is an opportunity to tie up any loose ends and take time for reflection.

We are still in Winter mode — our incubation period. 

It’s a time to nurture what wants to be born. Allow yourself time to do this and try not to rush things along. The time to act will come, but it is more important now to be crystal clear about our true desires. Consider whether you still even want what you thought you did and, of course, why you want that.

It’s important to look at what you are no longer going to tolerate and what you are deeply intending for this year. Please do this without blaming or shaming yourself! Rather, welcome new ideas and changes because it is who you are now.

Vision work is a wonderful process.

There are many different ways to approach it. I always like to do some kind of collage or vision board during this first month of the year. Collecting images is a perfect activity to let percolate what those new desires might look like for us.

Leisurely look through magazines and clip out what attracts your attention, without overthinking it. Allow your subconscious mind to choose images that you are instinctively attracted to. Save your clippings in a folder to use on your vision board. 

The new moon is coming soon. This is a good time to refine your new year vision and start arranging and gluing your clippings to your vision board.

Envision your future self.

In the Goddess Life Journey, we work with the eight wheel year and, although this is a great time to envision our future selves, it is in Springtime that we actually begin to manifest. I am always excited about the new year and tend to want to launch everything at once, but this is not how nature has designed it. First, we must slowly let our new manifestations arise.

  • One practice that I am going to try this year is to get out the chalk and create a blessing mandala for the front door. This is a hindu tradition and welcomes the new year in.
  • You may also enjoy creating a new altar and or designing a new crystal grid that represents all the blessings of the season.
  • Make some healing chai tea, curl up on the couch and write, draw and imagine in your journal. 

No need to hurry. Your new Goddess self will emerge naturally. Dream on!


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