Just Released!

The Goddess Inspired Life Oracle

By Hecate, the goddess I worship more than all the others, the one I choose to help me in this work, who lives with me deep inside my home, these people won’t bring pain into my heart and laugh about it.”


Goddess Hecate was the goddess of crossroads and could see three ways at once. She sees where you’ve been and where each road will lead. One of the better known crone goddesses, she was the one other Gods and Goddesses consulted when they needed advice because of her intuitive and psychic abilities. Find her at the threshold of major decisions or if you need a midwife to assist at birth. Able to see in the dark and affiliated with the underworld, Hecate can help you figure out your best path when you feel you have reached a point where whatever you do no longer holds much interest for you but you aren’t sure what’s next.

Write down your dreams first thing in a journal specifically for this purpose.

Start using an oracle deck. Ask a question and pick a card to reflect on it during the day.

Write a question down in your journal. Close your eyes and wait for the answer to come to you but don’t force it.

Pay attention to the next new or full moon. What astrological sign is it in? If it’s the new moon, write down what you wish to call in. If it’s the full moon write down what you are ready to release.