Here Come the Holidays. Oh My!

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December 9, 2020

Keep good company, read good books, love good things and cultivate soul and body as faithfully as you can.

Louisa May Alcott

New traditions are born out of new circumstances. And this holiday season we have an opportunity to change things up a bit. We all have holiday activities we like to do, and despite the pandemic, we can continue enjoying some of those favorite things. But instead of trying to hold on to family traditions, this year offers the possibility to create something new, and maybe even better.

This has been quite a year! I know, most of us feel exhausted from the constant barrage of changes. Uncertainty and stress have been part of our lives these past many months. I know I’m feeling a little wrung out.

Some of us have indulged a bit too much in comfort food — alcohol and sweets — and now have the added pounds to prove it. Honestly, some of my healthy habits got shelved during this pandemic. Plus, recently moving my household has certainly disrupted some of my normal routines.

We all know how important it is to keep our immune systems in good stead. In addition to the coronavirus, there are winter’s flu and seasonal head colds to ward off. So this is a great month to consciously favor “healthy” comfort. We need to reach for things that will better serve and nourish us and make the transition into the coming new year an easier one.

What exactly is healthy comfort?

Healthy comfort starts with focusing on LOVE — good old Vitamin L. Self-care comes in  many forms and can be one of the most immune supportive measures we can take. Instead of another glass of wine or slice of cake, consider taking a walk in nature. Or indulge yourself with a luxurious bath, call someone special, take quiet time to rest, or explore creative projects. Turn off the news and dial down the stress. Make a list of your healthy comforts — loving self-care choices — and schedule them into your calendar.

Food, of course, is one of life’s greatest comforts. So why not intentionally make more vegetables the star of your plate this month? Choose from the season’s colorful bounty, create super delicious meals, and increase your nutrition while adding extra Vitamin L. Soup anyone?

As opportunity invites us to do things differently, this just might be the year to give those handmade gifts you’ve always meant to make. One of my sweet indulgences is honey. I love to make herbal honey for special treats and also to give as gifts. For me the addition of rose-lavender honey to my tea makes me feel very pampered and loved. Now this season I can share that healthy comfort with others.

Drying or purchasing herbs for culinary use and for making special teas is also something you might consider doing. Making candles or soaps is a more ambitious endeavor but, who knows, it could become your new favorite hobby. Making a playlist of your favorite tunes for friends and family is another way to get, and give, more Vitamin L.

Whatever you decide to do, make healthy comfort a priority. I encourage you to start collecting and sharing ideas now. Let’s take these new circumstances as a chance to store up the loving self-care we all need an extra dose of these days.

May the blessing of love surround you and yours this gorgeously healthy holiday season,


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