Independence May Not Be All It’s Cracked Up To Be

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July 4, 2022

The truth is we humans need one another. As feminine thought leader Claire Zammit says, “we do not become ourselves by ourselves.”

The idea of independence does not mean getting to do whatever the hell we want when we want to. This is a fixed mindset that will lead to nothing but trouble and upset. 

It’s interdependence that we’re after. 

This is the key to happiness and exponential progress.

Nurturing and developing our tribe, whether it’s our family, co-workers or some other community we share, is part of a self-actualized and healthy exchange. It’s a way of being that is reciprocated and authentically expressed.

Community requires us to communicate from a no-conflict position. I know it’s not always easy, but simply speaking honestly without blame or judgment to the other person and standing in our own truth, fully present, will go a long way to building bridges. We can make requests from this empowered place, without it being a demand that someone do something.

We seem to have lost some of our skills in having open and respectful dialog these days, especially where political or religious views are concerned. An “us or them” mentality serves no one.

It shouldn’t be necessary to blame and make others feel wrong to get our point across. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs and opinions, even if we don’t agree with them. That said, some people are hell-bent on arguing and spewing toxic junk all over anyone who holds a different view. In this case there isn’t room for a healthy exchange, and it is best to avoid those interactions. In those cases we can only send peace from afar while we distance ourselves.

My astrology friends all point to what a revolutionary period of time we’re in right now, similar to the French Revolution, the American Revolution and WWII. So it may be necessary for a mass revolt or at least to stand up for what we believe. There is, however, a peaceful way. Gandhi knew it, Martin Luther King knew it and the Dalai Lama knows it.

A harmonious approach to disagreement takes conviction and intention. Fortunately, we may not need to “storm the Bastille” as the French once did.

The place to begin peaceful interdependence is within ourselves. 

We can examine where our own conflicts lie and take a closer look at whom we are judging. What is the underlying fear that we have? Conflict always comes down to this. Collaborative, free and open exchange, without fear, is our ultimate path to freedom.

To your truth and gorgeously healthy interdependence,


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