The Goddess Way

Goddess Life Journey

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1. What do you hope for this coming new year that is different from other years? 2. How do you want to improve your life this year? 3. What do you want to contribute to your community to make it a better place? 4. How do you want to be different by the end of the year? 5. Whose life do you want to improve and how will you do that? 6. What changes are unfolding in your life that you need to cooperate with and what does that mean? 7. In what way or ways do you want to deepen your spiritual life?
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Goddess Goals

February will be about Love and self care I will talk about Kuan Yin. Making goals based on the portals so if you haven't yet, read the Portal E-book (in module 1) We will talk about the Super new moon on the 20th-read about it in book I mailed and Make new moon wishes. We will review how it went for collage, altar and affirmations What is the year of the Rabbit all about? We will discuss that.