The Goddess Way

Gorgeously Healthy 6 Week Program

6 Lessons Beginner

A six-week coached program designed to find the healthiest you.

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Course Structure

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Choose a New Path

Identify vision, intentions and goals

Introduction to Goddess oracle deck and daily practice

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Receiving Daily Guidance

Introduction to Goddess portals and how to work with them

HW- Read Goddess portal E-book, choose a gemstone, symbol & intention daily

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Creating New Habits

Habit identification & chunking

HW- Create a new morning and or/evening routine

Design & schedule a pleasure date

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Movement as Playtime

Choose a new exercise thats fun

Start your food journal

HW-Commit to doing a new exercise & your daily food journal

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Food as Energy

Identify which foods give you energy & which foods actually diminish it

Likes, dislikes, allergies & overall preferences

Foods to avoid & why

HW- Start collecting & exploring new recipes

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Your New Food Plan

Week six: Your new food plan

Plan for the week/month

Best shopping practices- your new pantry, prep, batch cooking ideas.

HW- Menu template to work with & create a shopping list

Select at least 2 new main dishes & 2 new breakfasts