Learning Something New Is Good Self Care!

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September 2, 2020

All the world is a laboratory to the inquiring mind.

Martin Fiasher

What’s learnin’ ya? This old expression from the Appalachian mountains may be good advice for today. As we begin to transition into fall, there is a quickening and shifting of energy. We have a tendency to want to get busy. 

But this year, I encourage you to take some time to review what has been happening and what you have learned about yourself before you ignite new changes. What do you want to learn before we wrap up this crazy year? Have you let go of everything that hasn’t been working very well for you?

Be mindful about your self-care

The topic of self-care has been well discussed, but for many of us it still remains pretty elusive. The habits and structure we need in order to engage in healthy life practices are so easily usurped by other activities around us, and there is this sense we still need to be doing, doing, doing something.

Instead of doing, wait a minute and slow down (the direct opposite of the energy that surrounds you). When life is this crazy and uncertain, a simple, self-care act that you plan for yourself everyday can be the rudder that steers your boat in a helpful direction. Take time to consider your habits and practice only those that you enjoy and know are good for you.

One of the things I’ve noticed is how much watching the news robs me of peace. Yes, I want to be informed, but the steady drip of toxic voices only increases my anxiety and makes me less productive. I also have had to disengage from too much social media. Getting caught up in the conversations there stops me from wanting to do the good routines and habits that actually support me.

Focus your energy on learning

FYI, this quickening of “Mars energy” around these days means combative forces are at play. So you want to be mindful and channel that energy into something of your own choosing. Remember it takes two to argue, so if you need to remove yourself. Focus on keeping busy with things you love doing. You will be much happier, and so will everyone else.

Try pouring your energy into learning. I don’t mean studying challenging subjects but simple things like making bath salts for holiday presents, learning a new word everyday, making a photo album, using new spices in your cooking. Come up with your own plan to learn something fun. 

How about learning to make fermented vegetables or herbal vinegars? Here’s a recipe

that makes the most divine salad dressing. I learned it from Kami McBride, who wrote The Herbal Kitchen, and my family absolutely loves it.

Four Thieves Vinegar

Fill a one-quart, glass mason jar 1/2 full with dry herbs or 3/4 full with fresh. Use herbs such as rosemary, sage, thyme, and basil (or any combination you like). Throw in some peppercorns and some cloves of garlic. Then fill the jar with organic apple cider vinegar to almost the top. Be sure to use a plastic lid or you can put wax paper under a metal lid (vinegar corrodes metal). Shake daily for at least 2 weeks but 1 month is better. Strain through gauze into a clean container, and label and date. Let me know how you like it!

Keep learnin’ ya to be Gorgeously Healthy!


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