Life-Altering Transformation

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April 19, 2022

Recently in a provocative conversation with a business professor, it was brought to my attention that his grandmother Alice, who was born in 1889 and died in 1995, would have seen an astonishing amount of change over her life span.

Change is inevitable

The telephone, then having only recently been invented, soon led to the radio, television, cars, planes, computers, plastics, and rockets to the moon … to highlight just a few things! Deliveries by the milkman became a thing of the past, fewer people grew their own food, and urban sprawl began. (Did you know that the first grocery store didn’t arrive until 1916 in Tennessee?)

When we think about it, the Industrial Revolution forged an entirely new way of life that ultimately led to many of the innovations we have today — along with its new forms of pollution, worker safety issues and new health challenges that come as a result of an industrial/factory environment. 

The technology revolution has created similar life-altering transformations, many of which we have already witnessed, and in the future, we can expect to see even more unimaginable events occur, comparable to what Alice saw in her lifetime.

How do we ensure positive change?

A hundred years ago we had much more biodiversity too. Many plants, animals, insects, and microbial species that existed then are completely gone today. Our soil once had more vitamins and minerals. We did not have the advent of plastic yet, and everything was stored in glass, cotton, or paper. Chemicals in use today did not yet exist.

In 1961 the world population was 3.5 billion people. Today it is 7.9 billion, more than double, and it will likely expand exponentially in the next 50-60 years. 

What kinds of changes can we expect to see in our future as a result? What kind of stewards will we be to our planet? And what will we need to do to take care of our health?

Our gut microbiome (the delicate balance of good and bad bacteria within our digestive/intestinal tract) was also not as compromised then as it is today. Given that 70% of our immunity relies on having a healthy gut, is it any wonder people are struggling with health issues now? Some of the worst offenders to our microbiome are environmental toxins.

All of us have already been exposed starting at birth to toxins from our parents. We inherited chemicals and heavy metals that they were exposed to and then, because of the changes in our food production, chemical usage, and our convenience-driven lifestyle, we continue to be exposed to more and more toxins on a daily basis. Harsh pollutants, pesticides, chemicals in our food, water and air, and common household exposures all have taken their toll on us.

We’ve reached a tipping point 

Fortunately, our bodies are built with vital organs that are designed to clean up toxic buildup in our bodies, but it is now so over-burdened that it needs help. 

In order to help your body do its job (especially the liver) and handle the many detoxification processes, you will need to learn how to routinely cleanse and detox safely. Removing toxicity from the body is complex, and there is a learning curve.

It is an inevitable, “inconvenient truth” that we need to come to terms with this.

Hopefully, as we learn more about how to restore the missing nutrients and helpful microbes, we will be able to restore healthier guts and also pave a better path to our not yet known future.

In celebration of Life, Gorgeous Health, and Mother Earth,


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