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October 1, 2020

Words and magic were in the beginning one and the same thing, and even today words retain much of their magical power.

Sigmund Freud

We’ve all heard the expression “Be the change you want to see,” right? Well, how about this instead: “Be the magic you want that you can’t see.” 

The dictionary definition of magic is “the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.” Magic, in other words is what we can’t see. 

So often we are trapped into thinking something can’t possibly exist if we don’t see it, yet we know this isn’t true. Science has shown us that there is more than only what is visible to the naked eye. We can’t see a thought, for example, although we can measure a brainwave. 

It’s time to muster up some magical thinking so you can manifest something wonderful in the world! 

So often magic has been associated with bad or evil or some kind of weird cult. This is simply not true! Yes, evil exists, but it has nothing to do with magic. The thoughts we have can go either way, good or bad. Humans are capable of all kinds of misery, but they are also capable of profound love. 

By not taking your own personal magic seriously, you may be missing out on what life has been trying to offer you. How? By the power of your mind, by the power of your intention and the power of your decision to invoke your magic. Start practicing magic with something small at first, but remember you must DECIDE that this or something better is coming your way. And always remember to do no harm.

Conduct a magic ritual to activate your thoughts or intentions

The very act of making a declaration sacred can be done by setting aside a special time, gathering symbols to represent your intended outcome, speaking the intention silently, or better, out loud, and then doing some act to consecrate it. This will send your intention off into spirit, or the universe, or, if you prefer, to God/Goddess to take care of for you! 

Voilà! Magic is that simple, and it’s always available to you.

I have a little magic ritual for protection that I do before taking off in my car on a journey. I say, “Angels, Dragons and Lions be with me now. Thank you,” and then I tap on the dashboard. I might add, “Help me find my destination” if Im not sure where I’m going.

You see, magic doesn’t have to be used only for getting things. Magic can be an attitude, feeling or mindset. The main thing is to always hold firmly at heart to do no harm.

Here are some ideas to create your own magic rituals.

  • Take a purifying bath with essential oils/salts and gently release all negative/fearful thoughts. Then affirm what it is that you want/need as if it were already here. 
  • Create an altar for a specific purpose and set out a beautiful cloth with candles, flowers, incense and other objects that represent your intended desire. 
  • Go somewhere private in nature and call upon the elements to help guide and assist you, and then leave an offering of thanks. 
  • Make a magic tea with special herbs that you have grown or picked yourself. Mix them in a bowl while praying or saying affirmations. Once brewed, drink the tea while imagining yourself receiving all those blessings.

You may combine some or all of these ideas to create your own personal ritual. Make it as simple or complex as you like, depending on what kind of magic you need. Be the magic you imagine! Let me know what you come up with.

Here’s to putting a little Gorgeously Healthy magic in everything you do from this moment on!


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