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December 30, 2017

Connected to feelings

Good communication with others

Practice self-care first before helping others

Experience Love and joy

Can you easily ask for what you need?

Do you look forward to seeing the people you work/live with?

Do you have several close friends/family that you can rely on 100%?

Do you indulge in plenty of self-care activities?

Do you recognize when you are being triggered and understand the source?


1) Write down ten things you need and ask someone to help you with at least 3 of them.

2) Work on being the best version of yourself. Practice gratitude in writing or silently.

3) Make a date to do something good for you. (massage, pedicure, going for a walk, preparing a healthy meal, listening to favorite music, reading a good book etc.)

4) Catch yourself when you feel fear, doubt, sadness or anger and talk gently and reassuringly to yourself. Ask yourself, what do you need right now?

5) Listen more than you talk. Really listen with your full attention.


I easily tell the truth and speak up for myself.

I find time for myself every day.

I notice my feelings and allow them the space they need.

My heart is open to give and receive love.

I avoid people that deplete my energy.

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