Make May Merry…Anyway

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May 15, 2020

Despite the forecast, live like it’s spring.

Lilly Pulitzer

Ah, it’s the merry month of May. Although, I know it may not be quite as merry as it could be for some at the moment. Staying at home because of  the virus, worrying about the fate of the world, not knowing what’s next—how can we feel merry?

Many scholars agree that the month of May was named after the Greek Goddess Maia—daughter of Atlas, lover of Zeus, and mother of Hermes—a Goddess closely associated with fertility and the earth. The answer may lie here.

May celebrations and connections

May celebrations and connection to spring renewal are legendary and come with a long pagan history. Rituals of dancing around the maypole with flowers in your hair come to mind. Traditionally celebrated on May 1, May Day has been blended over time with many other springtime traditions, including the celebration of Mother’s Day.

And May is also associated with a victory for workers’ rights and establishing the 8-hour workday and 5-day workweek. Another association with this month can be found in the internationally recognized emergency term—“mayday, mayday”—used to signal distress. This meaning is credited to Frederick Mockford who coined the word because it sounded like the french phrase m’aider, which means “help me.”

By now we all need a little mayday relief, n’est-ce pas?

Calling for help isn’t a bad idea. This spring, in particular, just might be the right time to change up your approach to life. Maybe the Greek Goddess Maia, or the Hindu Goddess Maya, as she is also known, has some wisdom to offer us. Return to Earth’s healing power and wisdom, and slow the heck down.

When we look at the world, everything we see appears to be real. It’s easy to imagine that how we feel, how our lives are, and how our circumstances are unfolding must be solely influenced by what’s going on outside ourselves. Few would argue this point right now. Except, in truth, this is an illusion. 

Perhaps we are not seeing what actually is so, but rather what we imagine is so. Think about that for a minute. Without getting too deep in the dandelion weeds here, ask yourself, “What is it I believe to be true in this very moment?” Is it really true?

You can change your reality, really!

It’s easy to fall into the rabbit hole of despair and negative thinking. The entire world is experiencing a situation unknown in our lifetimes. But what’s happening—and how it affects you—is within your control more than you may realize. This is a good time to unplug from the news and do a self-inventory of your life. Based on what you really know is true right now in your world, choose your next step. Just chose one step, maybe something you’ve never ever considered before. There is help for you, especially when you are clear about what your’e asking for and you believe it is possible for you to have it. Imagine how to make merry, even now.

Spring is the time for renewal

The spring energy is potent for renewal. Please don’t fall into the trap of illusionary fears. Yes, some fears and loss are well-founded. I understand. Yet there is much that is perfect, right now, right here. Don’t miss the beauty by losing yourself in anxiety. Look for the helpers now, as Mr. Roger’s kindly advised. Or be a helper to someone else. Believe in yourself and your loved ones. Imagine your truth and move forward from there. Only you can put the (uh-hum) spring back into your step!

Here’s to walking the Gorgeously Healthy path,


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