Make Space before You Cast Seeds for the Future

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April 17, 2023

Spring cleaning is something we all like to do to some degree or another. As the weather improves, the outside begins to welcome us, at least for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere.

I am a hobby gardener and tend to focus on growing herbs for both culinary and medicinal purposes. Now that I live in the desert, I have to rely on pots for my herb garden. These pots now need to have their soil freshened up and amended with fertilizers to nurture the plants through their new growing season.

We need to make space for new growth, and this is where cleaning is often necessary.

Casting seeds without preparing the soil is a hit or miss proposition. 

They might grow and they might not. Your chances for growth are better if you prepare. What do you need to clean and make room for to grow your next project successfully?

It isn’t enough to plant seeds — or intentions — alone. We must take action to prepare the space and make sure there is room to change. We must provide all the other needed elements to ensure growth.

Metaphorically speaking, your soil might need some attention. Could you seek out new resources or information? Maybe it’s time to meet new people, purchase something new, take a class, or in some other way nurture yourself.

Cultivate your environment to support your intention.

There is a Super New Moon coming up in Aries on Thursday. Take advantage of this by taking time for renewal and think about how you can best cultivate your space for growth to better support you.

Seeds have their own time and cycle. Some seeds germinate right away and grow fast; others take much longer. Even if you don’t see the shoots sprouting up yet, that doesn’t mean they don’t need sunshine and water! 

Review your seeds of intention frequently to keep them alive in your psyche.

One of the reasons people often lose faith in a project or intention and give up is that they aren’t immersed enough in the intention. We need positive inspiration to stay with our goals. Reading, listening, learning, being with other people — these are ways to get support and keep you excited and aligned with manifesting your dream.

Taking even a small step — like spring cleaning — can move energy in the right direction.

Goddess Blessings,


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