Never a Better Moment for Love, Beauty and Balance

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November 6, 2023

Venus is moving into Libra — and what a combo this is for love, beauty and balance!

The Goddess Aphrodite can inspire these qualities in us. But the point is to embrace what makes your heart sing and find the peace and love within yourself so that you are moved to express your highest purpose.

As we transition into the winter season and wrap up the year, finding gratitude for all the magic that has occurred in your life is especially relevant.

Set your vibe for love and beauty

The practice of gratitude is well known as the best way to conquer fear, doubt and any thoughts of misgiving. Having a routine way of declaring thanks — whether it’s writing in a journal, saying prayers at night, or taking a moment before you get out of bed in the morning — is a potent and transformative measure you can take to make the world around you a better place. 

The practice of regularly acknowledging those around you and letting them know how much you admire and appreciate them is not really so difficult. And when you make it a goal and practice it, it’s also contagious!

All this gratitude helps set your vibe toward love and beauty. Who doesn’t want to have more love and beauty around them?

Make a conscious choice to present your best 

That said, expressing beauty is no joke. Taking care in how you present yourself to the outside world and your community is one way to set a positive example of how much you love and care for yourself and others.

Mindfully putting your best face forward is an act of love and devotion and has more power than simple vanity would suggest.

There is confusion about beauty when it comes to modern day women because we live in a society of touched-up Instagram pictures and the facade of celebrity glamour.

Genuine happiness that gets expressed in a real smile is what’s truly beautiful. 

A life with purpose that is authentic and caring is more beautiful than a full set of lashes.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s okay to have those lashes if they make you feel happy, but they’re not about creating a false image just to fit in or to be accepted by someone else’s standard. 

It’s so much better to be YOU!

Some women avoid our cultural standard of beauty to protest this sort of fakery. Yet, this can also be misguided if it keeps you blocked from your own unique expression. Wearing no makeup is a statement of its own. 

Is it a conscious choice or a rebellion and resistance to self-love? There is no judgment about what you choose to wear or do to express yourself. The important point is that it should be a conscious choice.

The creation of beauty is a worthy pursuit. Admiring a beautiful sunrise or arranging a vase full of flowers — both can bring happiness as well as connect you to the people and moments you love. Stepping into a room looking fabulous brings smiles to those around you. Put on the authentic “happy dress” of the well-loved Goddess that you are.

Here’s to amplifying beauty and love, dear Goddess,


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