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The Goddess Inspired Life Oracle

Anyone with an iota of common sense can tell that the Universe has been trying to tell us something this year!

…But here’s the thing: As overwhelming as it all may seem, you were NOT created for fear, worry, or anxiety!

That’s why it’s absolutely essential that you learn how to tap into your own soul-GPS, especially when everyone around you is losing their stuff and acting loony.

My friend Colette Baron-Reid calls it the fear virus, and it’s up to YOU to go deep and listen to what your intuition is saying.

That’s where peace can always be found.

If you’re not familiar with her, Colette is a best-selling author, a medium and mystic, the creator of over 12 different Oracle Cards decks, and a world-renowned teacher… and she wants to help you navigate the current uncertainty and transformation we’re all going through with peace and confidence.

If you’re ready to empower yourself and be more confident in your ability to weather any storm, you need to attend Colette’s free workshop:

Oracle Cards Secrets:

The Three Things You MUST Know About Oracle Cards….

When: July 20 OR July 23

Where: Online!

Why: Because you’re ready for SOLUTIONS. (And because Colette will be giving out some awesome surprises, too!) (hint….. It’s in the title of the event)

Click here to choose your session and reserve your seat!

In this practical and fun session (yes, it will be BOTH!), you’ll learn:

● How Oracle Cards actually work (magic… miracles… mumbo-jumbo? You’ll find out!)

● The most important card in ANY reading

● How to keep a reading from “gettin’ dangerous”

● The biggest myths about Oracle Cards that may be keeping you from experiencing their full power (bet you’ve fallen for a few of these!)

● …and more!

Register here for the free Oracle Cards Secrets workshop on July 20

Register here for the free Oracle Cards Secrets workshop on July 23