Pretty Up Your Pantry — for a clean spring

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March 7, 2023

We are in a “seven” year, numerologically speaking, and this means it’s a year to develop our spiritual mastery. This is a good time to reflect on what has personal meaning for us.

You may have already been feeling this and craving more serenity in your environment and in your inner life. You may feel a need for more quiet and rest, and less superfluous stuff and noise. 

Time to clean up

At the start of each year, many of us begin purging closets, drawers and papers, and as we approach the Spring Equinox (the real start of our Goddess year), this might be a good time to think about purging our digestive systems by way of a cleanse.

As many of you know by now I am a huge fan of detoxification and cleansing practices. 

It not only gives our systems a rest from the big three — caffeine, sugar and alcohol —

but other foods such as dairy, grains and animal products, if you are willing.

I know that sometimes the choices of what type of cleanse is best for you can be confusing. Should you try juicing, a water fast, clean plant-based eating or a stricter regimen? With or without supplements?

I personally like to take a more disciplined approach. But even if you decide to back off from only a few of your habitual offenders, such as caffeine and sugar, you will feel better!

Why cleanse?

There are all kinds of ways and reasons to do a cleanse. One of the main reasons is because of the toxins that build up over time in our bodies. These come not only from food but from medications, pollution, heavy metal exposure (yes, we are all exposed), PCBs, off-gassing and mold, to name a few big offenders. 

These toxins don’t just leave our bodies on their own. And when they linger, they can damage our nervous system, impair lung function, increase our risk of cancers, reduce fertility and cause cardiovascular harm, among so many other things.

Benefits of cleansing 

  • Significantly increased energy and vitality
  • More efficient digestion
  • More stamina
  • Increased clarity of mind
  • Overall feeling of improved health
  • Less joint pain
  • More radiant complexion, fewer blemishes and skin issues
  • Deeper meditations

Organizing your pantry

Whatever cleanse you decide to do, a good place to start is organizing your pantry so that it supports you. Stock it with all the healthy and nutritional items you need to feel great. What might your pantry look like if you were to actually do a cleanse? Check out my personal pantry list here.

Your spring cleanse

If you want to join me for a Goddess Spring Cleanse, I will be starting one on March 13, with a pre-cleanse week (getting off caffeine, sugar and alcohol), followed by two weeks of the “real thing” to rid your system of toxins.

Sign up here. Or if you prefer, you could do a cleanse at your own pace and on your own schedule and still get the support of my personal guidance — pre-recorded videos, recipes, informational PDFs — all at a very affordable cost. 

That said, experience has shown me that those who join a group cleanse are able to stick with it more easily and reap more benefits sooner. 

Hope you’ll join me next week! 


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