Guided Cleanse

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April 13, 2020

Guided Cleanse

This is a 4 week program with the support to get you through it.

The first week is a pre-cleanse to help get off caffeine, sugar, alcohol and begin adapting to the cleanse protocol.

The next two weeks will be spent in full detox mode, you will be supported by Gay's coaching, a facebook group of like-minded individuals, recipes and more.

Then the fourth week will be spent easing back into "regular' life.




Over the 4-week Love Your Liver program, I will be sharing with you information on a variety of “healthy” topics. Here are some of the topics we’ll cover:

  • The role of the liver and all it does for you
  • The truth about dairy 
  • Why what you can’t see can hurt you
  • Learn what the good fats are
  • All about glyphosates and GMOs 
  • How gluten is akin to smoking
  • Why sugar really is that bad for you
  • How salt is more a problem than you might think
  • Why electrolytes and minerals are so vital

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