Refresh Your Spirit this Spring

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April 5, 2021

The earth is awakening with new life, with greenery and fresh shoots everywhere. We are witness to a colorful array of flowers, urging us to get outside and inhale the fresh scent of spring air.

Spring is the ideal time to clean up, replace anything stagnant and refresh your soul. I encourage you to try out some of my ideas below to help you welcome this season of transformation into your life.

6 Tips for Renewing Yourself this Spring

1. Aside from the usual spring cleaning rituals, placing FRESH FLOWERS in your home, office or near to your living space will connect you to the energy of springtime. Flowers with feminine energy such as narcissus, freesia, citrus blossoms or roses will delight the senses. Make sure to change the water often and remove and replace the flowers when they become wilted or dead. Otherwise, the opposite intention for renewing spring energy occurs.

2. Experiment with NATURAL AROMATHERAPY in the form of natural flower essence. You can diffuse it into the air or wear it as perfume. This helps with the transition toward spring. It invites the yang energy of growing and returning and replaces the cold yin of winter. The old, heavy and stuck energy is ready to be purged.

3. Of course, spring is a good time for HEALTHY DETOXIFICATION with a juice fast or cleanse. I know it can be easy to dismiss detoxification as one of those new age fads, but in truth, detoxing has been a component of nearly every culture for ages. One of the most sophisticated rituals of detoxification in Western culture is found in the seawater spas of France. Vital minerals from the sea are absorbed via the skin — including sodium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, silicon, selenium, iodine and calcium. 

4. And did you know that the ebb and flow of water, such as in sea bathing, creates negative ions that instill a sense of calm? This is one of the reasons why being near the ocean is so healing. Not everyone can be near the ocean, but just having a small HOME WATER FOUNTAIN in your bedroom or living space can help transform stuck energy. The sound of moving water mimics the natural rhythm of the ocean and its transformative energy.

5. If bathing in the sea isn’t an option, you can create your own PERSONAL SEA BATH with dried sea alginates, salts and laminaria digitata, all which can be found online or in health food stores. For optimum results, shower first and use a loofa to exfoliate the skin before stepping into your personal “sea bath.” Running hotter water into the bath while adding the powdered seaweed and salts will increase the absorption of minerals even more. If you want to avoid too much gunk in your bathtub, you can put the seaweed into a muslin bag and allow it to steep like a teabag in the bath water.

6. Another fun way to move winter’s stagnant energy, is with MELODIC WIND CHIMES. Hang them where you will see and hear them throughout the day. Choose chimes whose sound inspires you to capture the magic and pleasure of the season.

This is the time of renewal and growth. Scatter wildflower seeds in the garden — and open your heart to all that is born anew. Enjoy the spirit of springtime in a Gorgeously Healthy way!



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