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July 17, 2023

We need water. It’s a precious source of life, fertility, nourishment, cleansing and healing.

We are actually made up of at least 70% of water, and so is the Earth.

Water is a living thing. It flows and moves with life itself -— not unlike our emotions, which it is known to represent. Too much water can be a destructive force, as can too much emotional energy.

Treat water kindly 

Water is a carrier of information too. Masaru Emoto’s famous work about the molecular structure of water revealed some fascinating truths. He photographed people projecting positive thoughts vs. negative thoughts into water. The results were some very stark and contrasting images. The molecular structure of the water changed in reaction to the people’s emotion. The impact of thoughts and feelings could be seen in the water! And, mean and ugly thoughts were not very pretty.

Just think of how a tiny amount of dye or a chemical released into water shows up in measurable ways. We are now facing a dilemma with plastic that is ingested by fish swimming in the ocean. We eat the fish and then … This is why I am so adamant about not drinking water from soft plastic bottles. It isn’t good for us, and it isn’t good for sea life either!

Creeks lead to streams that lead to rivers that lead to oceans. The connection for all of us is complex and deeply intertwined — and deeply natural.

Let water heal you

Water connects with our emotions. One way to amplify the healing influence of water is through ritual and intentional thoughts.

Grandmother Ocean can be represented by a simple seashell. This small treasure is a symbol of our vital element: water. Whether you are dealing with difficult feelings, need more hydration or want more flow and creativity in your life, holding water symbols in mind can help.

Express your reverence

Aphrodite, one of our more well known Goddesses, is associated with the sea and the element of water. She personifies creativity, sensuality and flow. Take a moment to visualize a water archetype and use her to your advantage.

To honor water, say a little prayer or blessing each time you take a sip. Experiment with adding natural flavor to your water with berries, cucumbers or lemon.

Get out some seashells and set your intentions with uplifting emotion and gratitude for this precious source of life.

Spend time by a lake, a river, the ocean — any body of water — if you can. Go for a swim, or just take a long soak in the bathtub embellished with your favorite oils, crystals and bath salts while you listen to dreamy music.

You could also install a small fountain inside your living space or simply set out a pretty bowl filled with water and infused with your good wishes! 

Be the Water Goddess you already are.



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