Ride the Wave of Positive Yang Energy

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April 3, 2023

The earth is warming up. New shoots of green are sprouting up everywhere. Spring is now bringing forth positive yang energy, after the long winter of yin. Mother Nature is transforming water and earth into beauty, abundance and new growth.

The sun’s vitalizing solar charge is calling for action. Life is beginning to expand again. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, spring is now in full progress with new beginnings ready to flower. 

Maybe you have felt the urge to start something new or different — a  new job, a new relationship or a new healthier habit. Spring cleaning applies to both the inside and the outside at this time, making way for those new beginnings.

Cleaning anything can be a catalyst to something new. So whether it’s a drawer or closet, your purse or car, pick something to clean and get into action with it. It will ignite your positive energy flow.

Doing a cleanse (as you have heard me speak about so often) is an excellent way to shift your energy from passive to active. The stagnant energy that may have accumulated during winter needs to be purged. 

But keep in mind that the body-mind balance is in flux too, confused and vulnerable to negative emotions and illness. It’s important to protect yourself and guard against chill as we transition from chilly to warmer weather. Carry a silk scarf with you to keep your neck warm.

Breathe in new, fresh air. Get outside when you can, and open the windows to welcome in the cleansing breath of spring. Maybe place some windchimes nearby.

Bring in fresh flowers to your home and work space. To elevate the joy, be sure to remove any dead or wilted flowers and keep the water clean. This practice alone keeps us aligned with positive energy.

This is a good time to freshen up your altar and bring in new elements of Earth and Air. Add something green to honor springtime.

Squeeze fresh lemon juice into your morning glass of water. This is a superb liver tonic that will supercharge your day.

And, if you haven’t yet, get a pretty spring journal to take note of all that is growing inside you. I encourage you to choose an oracle card each day to reflect on and write about. 

On that note … my own, personally designed spring project has launched: The Goddess Inspired Life Oracle Deck!  

This beautiful deck brings the Goddess portals to life in a way that transforms lives. I hope you’ll be inspired to take a look. It’s available to purchase HERE

I’ve also created something special to celebrate this new deck. The Spring Goddess Treasure Collection! This is a limited edition collection of some of my favorite spring theme items to wear and use this season. Visit the Goddess Beautique to learn more HERE

Happy Glorious Spring Blessings,


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