Rubbing a Buddha Belly for Prosperity and Good Luck

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January 31, 2023

Imbolc is one of the special cross quarter days of the year, and it falls on Feb 1 – 2. The name Imbolc comes from the Irish for in the womb or in the belly, and traditionally it refers to pregnant sheep — but rubbing a buddha’s belly seems apropos!

Today we are mostly familiar with Groundhog Day instead of Imbolc, but this celebratory day started out long ago as a reference to new beginnings and new birth.

The day marks the first signs of new green plant growth and warmer and longer days that will wake up Mama Earth’s long winter’s nap, whether the groundhog sees its shadow or not.

Go for a walk and take notice of all the early signs of spring around you.

Of course it’s a good time to pay attention to your planning for the coming year too. 

To celebrate Imbolc, make sure any lingering jobs and tasks that you’ve been putting off are completed. Take time to handle the things you’ve been meaning to get to, and make sure that your tools are in good repair and ready for use.

This could also be a good time to attend to your closet!

Maybe it’s time to make revisions to your current wardrobe and toss anything that isn’t fitting well or you don’t wear anymore, and fix anything that needs mending or repair.

Take clothes that need to be dry cleaned and go ahead and replace staples like T-shirts and turtlenecks to complete and refresh your favorite outfits. Are there any new “star” items like sweaters, jackets or accessories you’ve been meaning to get?

February 1 is a feast day for Goddess Brigid, or Saint Brigid, known as the bright one, lady of the flame, Celtic triple Mother and Queen of the land. She is a goddess of poetry, medicine, inspiration and smithcraft. (Jewelry making anyone?) 

Create a special altar to honor Goddess Brigid who is associated with Imbolc.

Things you might consider placing on your altar are a candle, a small flute, acorns from your walk, a small metal statue, a picture of something or someone inspiring to you, a small green plant. Use your imagination to write an affirmation or poem.

Few flowers are blooming yet in the garden, but you can bring inside a new potted plant or fresh flowers to enjoy now that will remind you of spring’s coming presence.

It’s said that Brigid invented whistling as a secret signal to call her friends in time of need. 

When I was a young child my mother had a particular whistle call for my brother and me to come back from wherever we were. We always obeyed that whistle call! 

Create your own favorite whistle call, especially if you have any little ones around, and get them in on the creation of it. Or simply practice whistling a favorite tune while you work.

Many Goddess blessings to honor your Imbolc celebration!

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