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January 5, 2021

For last year’s words belong to last year’s language, and next year’s words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning…

T.S. Elliot

Here we go on another magical journey into an unknown new year! Welcome 2021!

Even though we can’t know exactly what this year will bring, we can use our intentions to navigate our best possible outcomes for this year. 

Before we do that, it’s a good idea to review and take a look at a few things first.

  1. What were your biggest lessons and takeaways from 2020?
  2. What was your happiest moment or achievement?
  3. What did not work and what are you no longer willing to tolerate?
  4. Where might you make changes now?

Pausing to see where you’ve been can help you focus on where you want to go next.

How does the new year numerology look for you?

To find out your personal year: add your birthday month and day to 2021. Then reduce that number to a single digit. This is your personal number for the year.

Mine is 4+7+2021=16 (1+6=7) so my # is 7. The number 7 is a Chariot year in the Tarot and suggests major change in home or career. I have had both. A recent move to New Mexico and becoming a holistic life coach in addition to my health coaching practice have brought new possibilities. There has been lots of personal and professional growth for me this year. 

Once you’ve calculated your number, Google what that number means in numerology. Spend a little time reflecting on how that interpretation applies to you. 

What do the oracle cards say about this coming year for you?

Pull an Oracle card to give you even more information on what this next year means for you and what you need to know for your highest good. If you don’t have a deck of Oracle cards, I recommend Colette Baron-Reid’s decks, but you can use whatever deck you prefer.

To dive in and explore the wisdom within, ask probing questions, and then journal about what comes up. This practice can reveal quite a bit. Create some positive, uplifting affirmations for yourself after you see what some of your limiting beliefs have been. What to do you want to choose to focus on now?

At the beginning of a new year we can tend to be a little gung-ho and set many goals and intentions. Our energy is ripe to begin anew.  But I suggest you rein yourself in and try to narrow down to no more than five goals, intentions, or issues. Then pick the most important one from these to direct your attention — and intention — on. (You can always change it later if you want.)

Which of the Gorgeously Healthy Goddess Portal Paths is calling you?

You might try looking at the 5 Gorgeously Healthy Goddess Portal Paths and reflect on each of them to home in on your new goals. Choose the one that seems most important or relevant for you now. You can find out more about the portal paths HERE.

If you haven’t already taken the portal quiz or it has been awhile, you can do that HERE.

After you have selected your most important goal for this year, choose one task you can do each day to move you closer to your intention and desire. It can be a small step, but make it a priority. Focus your actions on making you and your intention a priority.

Next time around the New Moon, we will look at how to play with your new vision. (Hint: Start collecting fun images and clippings from magazines now.)

Until then, as always, relish your Gorgeously Healthy life!


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