Soul-Soothing Summertime

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June 9, 2022

As we wander past these last wisps of spring, I for one am looking forward to summer. 

So many relentless issues have worn down my usual resolve. I know that summer is just the salve needed to soothe my spirit. Bring on the sunshine and vitamin D please. It’s time to plan some fun and celebrate!

Take time to celebrate

The Summer Solstice is coming soon. This gives us an opportunity to be with friends, mark the occasion with meaningful ritual, or just have an outside get-together. Graduations, weddings, and Father’s Day are typical celebrations we often share this month. 

But take a moment to notice how, now, in June, we are now fully committed to this new year. Maybe it’s time to review what we have experienced thus far and make course corrections if needed.

For me, the beginning of the year seemed to go in slow-mo for a while. Then when spring finally did kick in, it wasn’t exactly of the” fire hose” variety. I‘ve taken a wait-and-see, or even experimental, approach to almost everything this year.

Practice being here

One thing I can say is that being present has helped me more than anything. I invite you to track your own thoughts. Practice awareness in the moment and see whether it allows you a little more space to breathe.

Please, no more rushing to get there, because you’re already here. Acknowledge the beauty right now at this very moment. Smile (the universe is watching) and send a blessing to anyone, silently or out loud.

It’s said that every thought and word that we speak is a prayer, so choose them wisely and with positive intention. Consider writing down some lovely affirmations on ribbons and tying them onto a tree. Add little charms if you like.

Nourish your soul

Speaking of summertime … enjoy summer salads, cool hibiscus tea, fresh fruit with sprigs of mint. The weather is warmer — the perfect time to cool down by walking in the woods (or mountains in my case), skinny dipping in a pool or lake, and star gazing under the moonlight. These soul-filling experiences are a Goddess’ right of passage during summertime.

What will you choose to bring to this moment? It’s never too late, not ever. Anything and everything can change in a single moment. Really. So give yourself fully to now. 

Summer fun and Gorgeously Healthy blessings to you Goddess,


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