Spirituality & Wisdom

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January 30, 2016

Spiritual connection and expansion

Intuition as a resource

Connection to the natural world

Gratitude and inspiration

Do you have a sense of your life’s purpose?

Do you take time to meditate or have regular quiet contemplation each day?

How much time do you spend in nature?

Do you listen to music?

How often do you sing or dance?


1) What do you know you love to do? Make a point to do some of that.

2) Meditate in some way every day. 5 minutes is better than no minutes.

3) Spend time outside every day. If possible without shoes touching the earth.

4) Put music on instead of watching TV or using technology. Make a play list for your morning, evening, cooking, working etc.

5) Dance, roll your hips all by yourself or with others. Sing in the car or shower.


I experience a sense of unity and peace

I quiet my thoughts and listen to my inner guidance

I do something I love every day

I spend time in nature every day

I use my intention to create sacred space to expand love, joy and creativity

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