Spring Cleaning — More Than Just Your Closet

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March 4, 2019

Trees are budding out. Daffodils are in bloom. The exciting new growth of spring  surrounds us. It inspires us to clean out the old and renew ourselves. Spring cleaning is calling!

Clear out your stuff

Like she does for so many people, Marie Kondo has reinvigorated me to clean out my closets. I read her book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” a couple of years ago and began the clearing-out process, but seeing her Netflix special really tipped the scale. She so adorably invites us all to reflect on what all the stuff we accumulate means to us and whether we want to bring it into our future. Her approach is truly infectious!

When it comes to de-cluttering I struggle with papers. I seem to sail through getting rid of clothes and books, but sorting through papers — and emails — is so much harder for me. Creating a special place for everything is helpful, but it still comes down to prioritizing based on actual “now” goals. Our stuff should support our dreams and goals and not just hang out to gather dust. If we’re not using something, or it serves no real purpose for us now or in the future, we can archive it, throw it away, or gift it to someone else.

Let go of the past

But cleaning up isn’t just about things. I recently came across a quote in a magazine that really struck a chord with me: “I finally gave up the hope of a better past.” So often I look back on my past with a feeling of dissatisfaction, wishing I would have done this or said that, and then perhaps the outcome would have been different. But when we keep playing the old tapes of the past, it interferes with how well we can move toward a better future. I’m not saying that we can’t examine our past and learn from it. But change it? Nope. Maybe it’s time for a little spring cleaning and let go of a painful past story.

Clean up your mind

Spring cleaning often makes us think of “detoxification,” a way to purify our bodies. But what about the mind? Keeping an ear out for our self-talk, inner critics, and internal saboteurs isn’t always easy, but cleaning out your negative thoughts can really be a game changer. Create a new habit. Replace those pesky thoughts with affirmative language that supports and soothes you. Write little love notes to yourself, and put them where you can see them everyday. Sweep out the negative with loving thoughts.

Detox your body

In addition to blowing off the mental dust, it is essential to detox the body! Toxins are a part of life these days, so you’ll do yourself a big favor by following some kind of detox program or cleanse at least once a year (but twice would be better!). Spring is an excellent time to give your body a break from caffeine, alcohol, sugar, animal products (meat, eggs, dairy), most grains, and salt and pepper. Just for two to four weeks, try giving yourself lots of fruits and vegetables, dark leafy greens, sweet and regular potatoes, salads, healthy oils (extra virgin olive, hemp, flax, coconut), green smoothies, and fresh herbs and spices. Shoot for an essentially alkaline diet with plenty of water and herbal tea.

Note: Some people can experience uncomfortable symptoms when the body purges the toxins. If you want to know how to detox safely, contact me!

Refresh your daily habits

Daily habits, especially morning routines, can really help or hinder your progress toward your goals and living the life you want. As you clean clutter — external and internal — build in new, healthy habits to support you!

It’s worth the time to design a daily ritual that truly serves you and moves you forward. Want to know how? Join me on April 3 at Connections. I will be giving a talk on this very subject.


Make It a Habit!—designing healthy morning routines

Connections Evening Meeting

Wednesday, April 3, 5:30–7:30 pm

Flamingo Hotel, Santa Rosa

Register here: https://connectionsca.com/Events


I would love to see you there!

In the meantime … Happy cleaning.

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