Spring into New Habits 

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May 1, 2023

We are habitual creatures. Whether it’s egg hunts or spring cleaning, seasonal rituals are embedded in our culture. 

Now that we are in the middle of the spring season, let’s think about our routine habits. Could they use an upgrade so that they serve you in a manner that is befitting of the Goddess you are?

Many of us start the year off with plenty of good intentions, but sometimes we fall short of our goals. By the time spring rolls around, we can feel like it’s too late and that change is just not going to happen for us.

If this is you, then the wise adage “Begin Again” is appropriate. The energy of spring is all about beginnings, growth and starting back up once again!

Habits are activities we do automatically, so it makes good sense to strategically plan them.

What habits would help you the most if you found the right spot for them? Maybe you want to eat healthier, start writing, exercise more, start meeting new people or something else.

Think about how you might set yourself up for a double win. If you started or joined a walking group, for example, you could meet new people and get more exercise. Get creative by adding new habits to existing routine activities so you’ll have a better chance of success. 

In his book Atomic Habits, the author James Clear talks about stacking habits. In other words, attaching one new habit to an already existing one, such as drinking coffee, walking the dog, driving your car or some other habit you routinely do.

A good place to start practicing new habits is food. Have you cleaned and organized your pantry lately? You can support your intention to make positive changes by removing items that are not in your best interest to consume. Instead,  stock your pantry with food items that are. If you make this a spring ritual, then better eating habits will more naturally follow suit.

Another trick is to replace an old habit that isn’t good for you with one that is similar but better.

Try replacing sugar with honey or potato chips with popcorn, for example. This little difference can be very empowering. These small positive changes lead to new habits, which accumulate and turn into huge rewards! 

Setting a strategy makes new habits easier to do. One habit that I have been struggling to adopt is taking supplements on a regular basis. I developed a system to support my goal. During my morning tea routine, I assemble the supplements in a small dish and then set my timer for later (after lunch). This way, they are all ready and I will remember to take them. The key for me is to have them visible, ready and have a prompt.

Sometimes we may need to fiddle around with our plan or rethink where we can place the new habit until it feels easy and doable.

Practice this affirmation:

 “I am adopting new habits that are leading me to Gorgeous Health!”

Spring into a new Goddess habit.



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