Spring – Your FREE Ticket to a NEW Ride

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March 18, 2024

Bunnies are icons of springtime, and where I live, in the desert, I see them out and about lately, hopping around the landscape. These furry little creatures are excited about all the new, green growth.

Rabbits are a symbol of fertility and new life. And spring is the start of another year’s growth cycle, so hopefully you have already clarified your new year’s intentions and know what you want to grow this year. If not, get hopping!

The Spring Equinox is happening now too, so this is your cue to pay attention to what seeds you will be planting — literally, in the garden, or figuratively, within yourself.

We have had some tough, or at least very interesting, times to deal with these past few years. It has been easy to lose hope in this world, feel like giving up, or simply stay distracted. The upcoming eclipse can exaggerate and amplify the energy around us.

Springtime is your FREE ticket to a NEW ride. 

Where do you want to go? 

How do you want to be?

I suggest you spend some time outside and explore this idea. A daily dose of nature is essential for our health and well-being.

I remember Angeles Arrien, who was a cultural anthropologist, telling us to spend at least an hour outside every day. An hour can be a challenge for some, but even a few minutes outside daily will make a huge difference.

It’s also how we can entrain to the Earth and feel more grounded. After getting grounded, take some time to … 


*Decorate eggs  *plant flowers  *draw  *paint  *rearrange furniture.  *Go for a hike  

*schedule activities  *refresh your altar  *recommit to the things you wish to grow in you

The energy this time of year is fresh, green, and full of promise 

so take advantage of this now. Move with it.

Growing new life takes effort and nourishment, and thus tending to the soil of your dreams is necessary and perhaps may even require taking a risk or two.

We can’t expect things to change if we never do. Hop on it Goddess!



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