Summer — a time for planting and planning celebrations!

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June 5, 2023

The Summer Solstice is very near. Take advantage of a Capricorn moon today to start making plans for your summer plantings and celebrations. 

Get your garden growing

Spring is coming to an end, and now we can think about getting outdoors more. Perhaps you already have been planting a few things in the garden. If not, now is the time to get started.

Maybe you want to consider planting an herb garden and some summer bulbs. If you don’t have access to a full garden, then bring plants into the house! Many herbs can grow in a sunny window.

Think about creating some natural beauty in your surroundings — lanterns, fountains or birdbaths, hummingbird feeders and wind chimes. And don’t forget fresh flowers! Bringing them into your home adds new energy to the season.

Celebrate the season

Plan an event with your favorite circle of women and have a gathering outdoors. I know rock painting has become a big thing, so how about trying this or some other crafty project like beading or collage for a ceremonial initiation into the summer season?

As the weather gets warmer you can plan to do more and more outdoor activities. You may have some celebrations coming up like Father’s Day, a wedding or something else. But even if you don’t have those on your calendar, you could plan a potluck party or a picnic.

We have a peach party around my house because the peaches are ripe around the middle of June — and they are sooo delicious! Our theme for the month is all things peach. Drinks, appetizers and also the main course. If we have a good season, we encourage our guests to pick their own peaches right from the tree. I always start planning this event way ahead of time.

Don’t have any summer rituals? Make one up just for the heck of it. Have fun celebrating the sunshine and breathe in the fresh outdoors!

Have fun in the sun

Getting a little bit of sun each day is important for Vitamin D, and most of us are a little deficient in this vitamin. Even if you do take a supplement, take in some sun anyway. You will not only feel better but you’ll get a glow that only the sun can provide.  

The best and safest time to enjoy the sunshine on your skin is in the morning or late afternoon — and please enjoy without sunscreen! There are too many chemicals in most sunscreens, but of course if you are spending hours in the sun, you will want to protect yourself. I love Beautycounter’s array of sunscreen choices because they are safe. 

Happy summer planting and celebrating your glorious life, Goddess,


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  • Thank you dear Gay for your joyful, inspiring message! We will hopefully be celebrating Selma's "rebirth" together on the Solstice.
    Maybe we can each bring a rock to paint for her! Love, Barb

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