Summer Means Sunshine!

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June 5, 2018

Summer Means Sunshine!

“It does not require many words to speak the truth”

-Chief Joseph Nez Perce 
(Nerburn, Native American Wisdom)



Summer is just around the corner and life gets busy with graduations, Fathers day and wedding season. Cherries and corn on the cob appear in the market and fresh fruit and veggies are abundant. There is more daylight now and the summer solstice is soon coming.  It is the time when spring is leaving and now it is time for growth, new projects, vacations and time to play.

A time for buoyant good health and well being.

If you did not manage to get a cleanse in earlier this spring it is not too late to consider one now and in fact many people wait til the weather is nicer because it is more conducive to the body for eating raw vegetables and juicing when the temperature is warmer outside. (Read my March post about cleansing here.)

It is also time to think about sun protection. I myself have had a problem with sunscreens in that my skin does not like them very much so I tend to carry a hat with me and walk on the shady side of the street as well as wear protective clothing whenever possible. The sun is a source of Vitamin D although most of us never spend enough time in the sun with little clothing and wait the necessary time before showering to get enough benefit. You may need to supplement Vitamin D.

Sunscreens: You may have heard the news recently about how some areas are banning sunscreen from the beaches because the chemicals in sunscreen are killing off the coral. And if it is killing off the coral, imagine what it is doing to us! Do we really want to slather ourselves and our children with dangerous chemicals? Of course we don’t.

As most of you know I have joined the BeautyCounter movement which has a mission to put safer products into the hands of everyone. I hope you will join me because they are putting a large portion of profits toward lobbying in Washington DC to push for safer laws to protect us in what is virtually an un-regulated industry. They just came out with some fabulous new sunscreens that are free of nano particles and all the other harmful chemicals we do not want on our skin. www.beautycounter/gaydering

If by chance you do get a sunburn… Aloe vera gel (preferably taken from the plant itself) with a drop or two of lavender essential oil will take care of it fast.

It is important to protect your eyes from sun too though especially if you have a blue or lighter eye color. Not all sunglasses are equal either so invest in a pair that has both UVA and UVB protection. There is also a thing called blue light which is the light emitted from our computers, TV’s and smart devices. For very little money you can get orange shade glasses that protect you from this blue light. LED’s emit blue light as well.

Jeesh…who knew.

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