The Merry Month of May! 

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May 7, 2024

Now that Beltane and Cinco de Mayo are behind us, “Maia” the Goddess of illusion teaches us to beware our limitations that may be imposed by our perceptions and influenced by our five senses. Things are not always as they appear!

Today the new moon enters the sign of Taurus.

Taurus is an Earth sign, and one that is definitely in tune with the senses. Taurus is ruled by Venus, so it’s no wonder that sensuality and general friskiness are amplified today.

An interesting thing about this Taurus new moon is that it’s triggering Uranus, the planet of chaos and change, and Jupiter, the planet of luck. Meaning … good things can happen pretty quickly. Don’t let unexpected disruptions derail you or get duped by any false perceptions.

Numerologically, this month is a Number 5. The number 5 is all about curiosity, variety, freedom and change. It’s a time to get out there and experiment, and to get in tune with all of your senses.

Spring, the season that is now in full swing, is all about growth.

What are you growing? Visualize what you want to grow or bring into your life at this time and go ahead and fully believe that it is truly possible.

Taurus is also associated with money, finances and prosperity, so if there are any scarcity beliefs still lurking around in your psyche, now is the time to release them. After all, Earth signs have the power to materialize money.

New Moons, New Beginnings.

Taurus is in my first house which is a new starting place all by itself and the perfect time to recharge or consider changes. This is aligned with springtime, the new moon and the month of May.

Do you know where Taurus is in your chart? New moons are new beginnings and I  generally advise creating a special list of intentions to manifest. Make an extra effort to focus on gratitude and abundance practices.

Depending on which house Taurus is in in your chart, this can give you some added insight as to where you might want to focus your attention. (Your rising sign is your first house. Just follow the signs in order from there until you get to Taurus and note the house.) 

Yasmind Boland’s book, Moonology 2024, maps this all out very well, but you can also get this information easily on the internet if you don’t know your natal chart.

Grow something new and beautiful, Goddess!


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