The seven portals are a system of life areas that we all need to work with and address at some point in order to achieve an ideal healthy life. We continually re-visit these areas through out our lives. Sometimes there is one portal in particular that is struggling to be opened in order for us to move forward. This can be the key that opens the flow of energy for all the other portals to be in better alignment and harmony. Life is a cycle that ebbs and flows. It is always growing and changing. It ends and then begins again to recycle once more.

Discover a GODDESS WAY for Gorgeous Health.

Are you ready to make your health and happiness a priority?

You deserve to feel like a Goddess!

Explore the 7 UNIQUE PORTALS of the rainbow path that guide you to amazing energy, more self-confidence, pleasure, and joy. Learn to create self-care habits that help you feel good about your body!

Red Square

Nutrition and Rest

Your partnership with your body, your fuel, how well you sleep and restore.                    

Provides stability for your whole being

Introduce habits and patterns that allow you to feel great in your body and all the metabolic processes

Grounded and secure in your life and health

Orange Circle

Fluidity and creativity

Power to create and manifest abundance

Connection to joy and sensuality

Trust & courage to express yourself authentically

In-tune with sexuality, pleasure, womb power and flow

Yellow Spiral

Growth and transformation

Mobility, integration and change.

Break through stagnation and move forward

Ignite and fuel your desires

Experience a more positive fulfilling direction

Green Heart

Love and relationships

Emotions, feelings, and connection to people and community

Heal old wounds and remove obstacles that get in your way

Fill your own cup so you can serve others and master self-care

Do more of what you love

Blue Triangle


Your goals, dreams and focus, including practical and financial matters, accomplish your intentions.

Attract more of what you really want

Better management of time

Express & communicate your desires

Indigo Crescent Moon

(Inner sight & Vision)

Alignment with source energy for deeper truth and inner vision.

Trust in the invisible world and recognize signs, symbols and other meanings

Cultivating imagination and utilizing “presence” to access new information from a higher source and deeper knowing.

Welcoming silence and your inner landscape.

Purple/white star

Spirit and Wisdom

Spiritual connection, developing trust by tuning into cosmic forces to receive guidance.

How your purpose informs, inspires, and transforms you beyond time or age.

Allowing beauty to inspire, support and nurture you

Follow your highest calling without fear