The Power of Words — why you need to choose your words carefully

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April 15, 2024

Sometimes we rush to get our thoughts and ideas out there quickly without considering what we are really saying.

“I’m going to try,” for example. We frequently blurt this out and may not even realize how it’s such a self-sabotaging declaration. Either we commit or we don’t. As Yoda said, “There is no try.”

“It’s killing me” or “She’s killing it.” I cringe when I hear this. I know it’s slang, but the subconscious mind doesn’t know this. Any self-deprecating comment is equally risky.

“I can’t,” “It’s too hard,” “He won’t let me,” “I don’t have time,” “I can’t afford it,” “It will never work.” This kind of habitual commentary is not helpful — and it’s not true!

We always have choices, and our concerns can and must be articulated more positively and thoughtfully. 

Every word is a prayer, so do not speak what you do not want.

I challenge you to listen for these landmine expressions in your speech and from others.

Catch yourself and correct them. (Notice I didn’t say try to catch yourself.)

This one habit is a life changer. It’s that powerful.

Our thoughts and words are our intentions and we direct them energetically to become manifest whenever we speak. So take your time before uttering any words and make sure they are indeed aligned with what you truly want.

“I don’t have the funds yet” and “I am going to get help figuring this out” are much more empowering words than “I can’t do this.”

Writing affirmations is one way to hone the skill of using powerful words and to get good at noticing when you may be putting up unconscious roadblocks.

Positive affirmations begin with the “I am” starter statement. We speak in the present tense as if our intention has already manifested. But be careful with this. This is where we can get tripped up. 

Consider the difference between “I am losing 15 pounds” and “I am at my ideal weight.” One suggests you are moving in a direction but aren’t there yet. The second version emphasizes that it’s already done!

Seeing the future as if it already is, is a technique used in most magical practices. 

See it. Believe it. Allow it.

This is different from goal setting, which has its place. Taking small action steps is certainly part of the process with deadlines (Whoops, I used the word dead!), I mean due dates).

Whatever your desires are, words can help you or they can hinder you.

It’s your choice, Goddess!


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